Why Your Customer Service Training Should Be Adaptive

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Embracing change has become a guiding principle for many of today’s most successful business models—and for good reason! As a new generation enters the workforce, leaders need to offer adaptive training that applies to the day-to-day situations their employees *actually* face. The truth is, many of the professional development options companies offer are unsuitable for today’s workers. People are looking ... Read More

Why We Suggest Meeting With Your Training Partner Every Year (Or More)

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The world is in a constant state of change. From the technology, learning methods, communication channels, work environments, approaches to feedback, and more—organizations and their employees must persistently adapt to this cycle of unending “new.” How are businesses and their teams expected to keep up? Well, it requires some much-needed support. Training once every few years may have been effective ... Read More

The Importance of OnDemand Customer Service Training

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Whether your team is spread across the country and in-person training isn’t an option, or you want to give your employees the option to complete training on their own time, virtual online training is the move!

Further Your Commitment to Above The Line Service With These Courses

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What if we told you we could strategically cultivate high-quality customer service at your business in a way that’s fun, educational, and results-driven? It’s true! We understand that companies are looking to retain teams, and we think empowering them is a great way to do so. After all, a happy team is more likely to go the extra mile in ... Read More

Are Smartphones Stealing Our Focus?

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Does anyone else remember a time when it was physically impossible to walk around with a tiny computer in your hand or pocket? Ahhh, the good ol’ days! While smartphones have definitely made life more convenient in many ways, we can’t help but wonder: at what cost? Anyone who has a smartphone knows the distractions it can present—but do you ... Read More