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Bonfire Training is a customer service and leadership training company. Our training is tailored to your organization's unique needs, promotes a healthy culture, and aligns your leaders and team members to spark meaningful change that standardizes exceptional service throughout your organization.

Cultivate your team with the best in customer service training through live and on-demand training solutions for your virtualin-person, or hybrid workforce. Through call center soft skills training and customer service leadership training, we're able to make a positive impact on your employees and customers that lasts. 

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Training for your specific learning styles.

Because your business is unique and people learn in different ways, our training is tailored to you. If you’re looking for customer service and culture guidance, call center soft skills training, customer service etiquette training, customer service leadership training, or phone skills training in general - we offer the right course for your team.

You can find a list of customer service and leadership courses here, including customer service leadership training and call center soft skills training, to learn more about which course might be right for your team's unique needs. Our team is just a call away if you'd like personalized guidance on where to begin your transformative learning journey.


Because when you’re engaged, you learn better.

Our superstar trainers will reignite your teams’ spark with interactive and engaging experience-based learning. Our customer service leadership training, call center soft skills training and customer service support courses are designed to encourage engagement, enhance skill development, and create a fun atmosphere while impacting business results for you as team leaders.

We understand that keeping training fun is vital for engagement and retention, and we're always looking for ways to improve the training experience for our customers. With Bonfire Training, learning becomes an exciting journey towards excellence, where participants thrive.


Courses designed to meet your goals.

Whether in-person or online training is best for your team, our customer service and customer service leadership training courses are tailored to your organization's unique needs and customized to assist you in achieving your goals. We understand that each organization has distinct aspirations and challenges, which is why our training programs are thoughtfully curated to address your specific requirements.

Whatever your training goals may be, the Bonfire Training team can help by creating a plan specific to your needs in order to achieve and retain skills to be proud of. Our collaborative approach ensures that we align our training content and delivery with your desired outcomes, enhancing not only individual skills but also the overall capabilities of your team. 

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Every Bonfire Training client wishes to strengthen two key relationships: with customers, and with internal people.

Bonfire Training is dedicated to helping you foster and strengthen both with our unique training approach tailored expressly to your organization. We'll help your organization foster customer service leadership skills to be proud of.

We've worked with companies across various industries, including Fortune 500 organizations, delivering training that employees genuinely enjoy. By infusing call center soft skills training with an element of fun and enjoyment, we've successfully enhanced learning retention and bolstered team morale for more than 100 of the world's most renowned brands.

Our commitment to your company's growth goes beyond the classroom. With Bonfire Training, you're not just investing in a training program; you're engaging with a Training Partner for Life (TP4L) that empowers your workforce with the tools to provide exceptional customer experiences. Our innovative methods ensure that every training session is engaging, interactive, and results-driven.

Choose Bonfire Training today and unlock the potential for lasting customer relationships and a more cohesive internal team. Let us guide you through a transformative journey toward excellence in customer service and team collaboration.

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  • "I can already see and hear a real improvement in our call handling skills at the BAC. There is a new feeling of enthusiasm in the air and the CSRs are more confident and enthusiastic on the job. Furthermore, the CSRs are more courteous and professional to our customers, which is a win-win outcome.”

    Ford Motor Company
  • "We appreciate the use of interactive virtual space with breakout rooms, chat, notation. It helps engage the learner since we can't use the old go to your group corner in of the training room process right now. Customer Services Essentials is our key platform for engaging new employees in what we want to see for best practices for our organization.”

    Clark PUD
  • "Your training materials definitely improved our communication skills. The Support Center has received compliments on how their conversations are pleasant experiences! Bonfire Training has helped us identify and meet the standards for customer service excellence in our call center. For that, I say McThanks!”


  • "We have learned new skills, techniques and approaches, and I could hear my team using on the phones today some catchy phrases. Very happy with the trainer and the course and I would recommend Bonfire to anyone!”

    Schleich USA, Inc.

  • "We first hired Bonfire Training 9 years ago when our LARGEST client sent us a letter stating they no longer wanted to do business with us because of the way we treated them! The program was so successful that the rest of the hospital asked us what we had done to change our service – since then, we have taken it hospital wide and it is now an initiative from our CEO and Board of Directors – and Bonfire is our foundation."

    St. Charles Medical Center
  • "This training gets everyone in the company on the same page of how to present a professional image. Never assume that good phone skills are just common sense! The material is great for refreshers and training new employees."

    NRECA-Karnes Electric

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At Bonfire Training, our focus is to become your Training Partner for Life (TP4L). With a legacy of over 38 years, we've been dedicated to providing enjoyable, impactful, and tailored training, and we take pride in being a reliable partner for our clients throughout every stage of their business journey. Whether you're embarking on the initial steps of your customer service journey or celebrating a century of operation, we're here to help.

With a wealth of experience spanning nearly four decades, our commitment to excellence and innovation remains steadfast. We understand that the dynamics of business are ever-evolving, and that's why our approach is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your organization's needs. We work together with you to comprehend your unique challenges and objectives. This empowers us to deliver training experiences that deeply resonate with your organization's values and goals.

Our journey with you extends beyond our courses. We're dedicated to walking alongside you as you navigate the changing landscapes of customer service leadership, call center soft skills trianing, customer service soft skills training, and industry trends. 

Whether you're seeking to refine your team's customer interactions, cultivate customer service leadership skills, create better customer support or foster a more cohesive work environment, our proven track record and personalized approach ensure that you'll receive the support you need to thrive.

Let's transform your training needs into triumphs, together.

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