Ignite Your Training with the Power of Fun

Think back to the last time you went to an amusement park. Fun was all around you – food, rides, themes, music, thrills and laughter. Roller coasters towered above your head with their steep hills and big loops and the log flume taunted you with the opportunity to make a big splash. There were games and surprises around every corner. … Read More

The Show Must Go On: Take Onsite Training Online

Empty Stage

Training is a lot like show business. A venue is chosen, the star of the show sometimes travels cross-country to perform, and crowds of people gather in anticipation. Regardless of what unexpected things might arise, whatever show has been planned still has to be staged for the patrons. The show must go on! Live shows are fun, interactive, and engaging, … Read More

Benefits of Live Remote Training

Customer service rep working on online training

Whether you’ve got team members in offices across the world or remote workers in home offices, live remote training can offer your team what they need to grow and develop.  Live remote training offers benefits like convenience, flexibility, and interactivity that can be a great fit for any team. Plus, it’s a fun way to learn and engage with other … Read More

Bonfire Training Deeply Impacts and Inspires Trainee

We recently received a message from a former trainee (way back when we were known as PhonePRO) that we knew we had to share. Darilynn Godfrey has given us permission to share her touching story with you.  We were inspired and humbled to hear that our teachings stuck with Darilynn throughout her career and even through a personal tragedy. We … Read More

The Process of Breaking Bad Training Habits

Habits can both help and hinder. The trick is to determine which habits are the helpful ones and which habits are the ones that don’t help. For example, if you routinely take part in items in the “Don’t” category of training presentations, you may want to consider breaking those habits. Here are tips to jump-start your journey to making sure … Read More

I’m Not Gonna Lie: Better Ways to Deliver the Same Message

Customer service representative communication

In customer service (and really in life), positivity is going to lead to a smoother transition, clearer communication, and a more satisfied customer. Even if a front-line representative is doing everything else to the best of their ability, a couple of thoughtless off-hand phrases may be the last straw for a frustrated customer. And since 93% of customers are likely … Read More

Infographic: Customer Service Essentials

Now, more than ever, improving customer satisfaction should be a top priority for organizations. Customer experiences influence everything from: Buying decisions Repeat purchases Spend amount  Customer loyalty If your organization is looking to improve your customer service and spark meaningful change, then you need tailored and engaging training. Learn more about the impact of customer service on an organization’s bottom … Read More

Do You See 2020 in 20/20?

Setting New Year’s resolutions for your organization is a great exercise in growth, though keeping them can take real effort. As you look into the coming year, make sure you’re viewing your organizational goals with 20/20 vision.  Instead of looking outwardly at how a shiny new software could help your sales, you may think about improving your internal assets: your … Read More