Infographic: Customer Service Essentials

Now, more than ever, improving customer satisfaction should be a top priority for organizations. Customer experiences influence everything from: Buying decisions Repeat purchases Spend amount  Customer loyalty If your organization is looking to improve your customer service and spark meaningful change, then you need tailored and engaging training. Learn more about the impact of customer service on an organization’s bottom … Read More

Do You See 2020 in 20/20?

Setting New Year’s resolutions for your organization is a great exercise in growth, though keeping them can take real effort. As you look into the coming year, make sure you’re viewing your organizational goals with 20/20 vision.  Instead of looking outwardly at how a shiny new software could help your sales, you may think about improving your internal assets: your … Read More

The Do’s and Don’ts of Training Presentations

As a trainer, you have a lot riding on your shoulders. Training new or existing employees can help your company improve employee performance, increase engagement, improve customer satisfaction, and so much more. But your organization can only reap the benefits of training when it’s presented properly.  Here are some basic do’s and don’ts of training presentations. Do: 1. Be Prepared … Read More

DISC Behavioral Styles: A Learned Superpower

Wouldn’t it be great if you could predict others’ behavior? It turns out you don’t need a superpower to it, you just need some training, DISC training to be exact. With DISC you can learn not only your own patterns of behavior, but you and your team can learn to recognize those patterns in others.  With DISC training, your employees … Read More

Case Study: Improving the Service Culture

One of our clients in the shared services/financial division of a global medical supplies organization knew they needed to improve the customer service culture of their division. Since the organization employed approximately 700 staff in three U.S. locations, they sought Bonfire’s guidance and training.  The customers of this division were often internal customers (coworkers), with some departments working with both … Read More

Don’t Turn Your Holiday Workers into Grinches

Training Your Seasonal Employees in Effective Communication Skills Is Still Mission Critical. It’s probably your busiest time of year. It’s always an opportunity not only to make sales but also to cement new relationships, creating new customers and loyal followers for your brand to last throughout the year. Depending on your business model, however, you may be leaving most of … Read More

Emotional Intelligence: Personalize Your Customer Service

Emotional Intelligence

There’s a large misconception of the term intelligence in our society. The idea of intelligence goes beyond aspects of analytical thinking like test scores, thinking ability, and IQ. Above and beyond the traditional notion of intelligence, you can also gain emotional intelligence. We recommend that anyone who works in customer service gets proper training in this type of “smart.” Why? … Read More

Stop Calling Me “Hon”

Angry caller

“How can I help you, hon?” “Can I get you anything else, dear?” “Have a good day, sweetheart!” These are the kinds of phrases and pet names you might expect to hear from your significant other, but they would probably be uncomfortable to hear from a complete stranger. Yet, these and other terms of endearment are used by customer service … Read More