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Whether your team is spread across the country or your day-to-day is just too crowded to take an entire day off for training, our OnDemand online customer service training seminars are here to help get your team up and running.

Our online customer service training is designed to give you quality and concise training you can watch in one sitting. When you want to offer ongoing education on a budget, online training is a great, cost-effective solution.

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Develop Your Customer Service Skills With OnDemand Online Courses

Now, more than ever, improving customer satisfaction is a top priority for organizations. Our Customer Service Essentials (CSE) training is designed to increase the confidence of your team members while maintaining exceptional customer service. This course will teach new skills, refresh existing competencies and offer new approaches to challenging situations.

Our OnDemand online CSE training is designed to give you quality, concise training you can watch in one sitting, on any device, at any time.  Online training is a convenient, cost-effective solution for learning rapport-building, effective skills that will create consistency of excellent service throughout your organization. This course includes over a dozen modules, gives you 30 days of access and can be purchased in single or multiple-seat packages. Ready to go?  Check out some previews below, or keep scrolling and click on Buy Now!

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Comprehensive Skills Training

CSE features our best skills and techniques for providing great customer service. Learners will also receive reference and support materials to help them transfer their new skills and learnings to the real world.


 Interactive Activities

Tired of endless slides? This engaging course features a variety of interactive elements to support different learning styles. Our techniques are presented through videos, call recordings, high-quality images, interactive flash cards, and more.


Ready for any & every device

Our simple, mobile-friendly training platform responds to whatever device you prefer. Start the course on one device and pick it up later on a different one. The challenge is in the training, not the technology.

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