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Customer Service Essentials

This course will empower your agents to make every interaction a productive and successful one.

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The Customer Service Essentials course yields results your customers will notice and appreciate.

Handling Difficult Customers

Develop a custom formula for how to handle difficult calls, prevent escalation, reduce stress, and be an ambassador for your company.

Master Telephone Etiquette

Create a positive first impression, learn how to ask tactful questions to solicit the right information, and close calls with courtesy and professionalism.

Positive Communication

Use active listening skills to engage with the customer, convey empathy, and select positive words to soften negative information and increase cooperation.

Ownership Mentality

Attitude and mindset directly impacts the service provided. Learn how to shift focus from blaming others to solving the problem.

Customer Service Advantage

Move beyond the ordinary, and truly H.E.L.P. move each customer’s situation closer to resolution.

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This course focuses on self-improvement, not blame.

Consistently providing top-level Customer Service starts with Self-Awareness


Foster the ability to understand the feelings, thoughts or attitudes of others and express care and concern.

Customer Advocacy

Actively and proactively support and promote what is good for others.


Recover from adversity and discomfort to perform at your best every time.


Modify personal behaviors and emotions to create a receptive environment.

Great Questions

Formulate questions that extract useful answers—the goal is specificity.


Create reciprocity through patience and understanding customers’ motives.

Train The Trainer

In this course, your trainers will spend the day with their Bonfire Training instructor learning not only the course concepts, but also the psychology and reasoning behind them so they can feel comfortable with them and be ready for any questions that may come up during their training classes.

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Real listening takes a lot of FOCUS.

It's not about the fries.

It’s all too easy to say that every call center is both the same and different, but the truth is that you have variables and constants that cross all industries, all products and all services.

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