Live Remote Training


Whether you’ve got team members in offices across the world or remote workers in home offices, live remote training can offer your organization what they need to grow and develop.

Bonfire’s Live Remote Training provides your team with customized courses delivered via webcast by a certified Bonfire trainer. These transformative courses will equip your team with reproducible, real-time communication skills they can use in every interaction and with every customer.

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Our live programs can be accessed from anywhere in the world with a device and a solid internet connection. Whether you want to gather your whole team into one room, assign each team member to view on their own device or some combination of the two — whatever is convenient for you and your team will work for us.



We understand how difficult it can be for an entire team to clear their schedule all at once. With our Live Remote Training, your team members can watch in real-time or recording options are available.



Live participants in the training will have the ability to ask questions and get clarification in real-time. Your trainer will respond to questions and add additional insight throughout the session.


We've Got You Covered

No matter where you are or how busy you've become, it's always the right time to catch the Spark that a motivated, empowered team can provide your company.