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In today's fast-paced business landscape, sustaining the momentum of growth and development requires a strategic approach. At Bonfire Training, we recognize the need for ongoing initiatives that nurture team members and elevate leadership capabilities. After all, investing in your employees is one of the best business decisions you can make.

We have convenient and cost-effective solutions to help you keep your customer service skills training, leadership excellence, and culture development going all year long (including remote customer service training and Online Customer Service Training options). Our customized live, online and remote customer service training programs will help you standardize exceptional service throughout your organization.

Customer Service

Empower your team members to make every customer interaction a productive and successful one. Our fun, engaging and results-driven customer service courses are perfect for elevating both internal and external customer relationships. By incorporating real-world experiences, our courses give participants relatable and applicable skills that allow them to navigate customer interactions successfully and enjoy their roles.

Here are some courses that will standardize exceptional customer service throughout your organization. All Customer Service Training Courses are available via Live Remote customer service training or Onsite delivery. Customer Service Essentials is also immediately available via OnDemand Online Training (Online Customer Service Training) for individual viewing or to load on your LMS.

  • Customer Service Essentials

    Increase the confidence of your team members so that they can consistently deliver an exceptional customer service experience. View Course Info

  • Above the Line Service

    Understand what separates excellent service from average service. View Course Info

  • Customer Service Advantage

    Equip your employees to provide the best service that also promotes your reputation and customer loyalty. View Course Info

  • Essential Refreshers

    If it's been 12-18 months since your team's initial training, this course is for you. View Course Info

  • Field Customer Service Essentials

    Training for technicians, line people, auditors and other positions your company has out in the field. View Course Info

  • The Platinum Rule of Service

    Distinct from "The Golden Rule", the Platinum Rule focuses on treating people how they want to be treated. View Course Info

  • Sustain the Training: Customer Service Essentials

    This course is a perfect complement to our frontline training program: Customer Service Essentials. After your team has completed Customer Service Essentials, we collaborate with your Leaders to create a customized sustainability plan. View Course Info

  • Sales & Service Essentials

    Grounded in the principles of relationship selling, this course will empower your sales team members to build better relationships while increasing their sales volume. View Course Info

  • Serving Self & Others

    Each employee has the ability and choice to show up for customers in an attentive, caring, and considerate way, and this serves both the customer and yourself. This workshop examines how to accomplish this dual goal within each customer interaction, even during tough conversations. View Course Info

  • Train-the-Trainer & Licensing

    After completing the Train-the-Trainer course, our most frequently requested program, Customer Service Essentials (CSE), can be delivered by your firm at your location at any time, both for existing employees and new hires. View Course Info

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Situational Leadership
Customer Service Leadership

Leadership & Culture

A company’s culture encompasses the shared attitude, goals, and practices that make up an organization's overall beliefs and behaviors. Maintaining a vibrant company culture that’s both supportive and nurturing is vital to the success of the company, as well as its team members.

Below are Leadership & Culture Training Courses that will cultivate and support a strong company culture.. All courses are available via Live Remote or Onsite delivery (Online Customer Service Training).

Exceptional Customer Service Training
The Working Genius FeatureRemote Customer Service Training
  • Agile Leadership

    It has long been known that for teams and organizations to thrive during challenging times takes a different level of leadership. This workshop focuses on defining and exploring that level of leadership. View Course Info

  • The Art of Persuasion, Negotiation and Conflict

    The Art of Persuasion, Negotiation, and Conflict involves mastering communication and relationship techniques to better assert yourself in the world. View Course Info

  • Better Relationships through DISC

    DISC represents the four behavioral styles in the general population and is a universal language for describing a person’s behavior and emotions. In this workshop, we’re going to examine behavioral preferences in ourselves and in others. View Course Info

  • Coaching & Feedback

    This program will help provide a necessary foundation for managers and help them overcome challenges by showing them the essential skills to be able to positively influence their team. View Course Info

  • Compassion Fatigue

    Equip your team members with the tools and resources to recognize Compassion Fatigue and take actionable steps to combat it. View Course Info

  • Conflict Management

    In this course, leaders will discover how to get to the real cause of the problem, defuse tense situations, and have a productive conversation that leads to resolution. Course Info

  • Emotional Intelligence

    Using concepts from the book “Emotional Intelligence 2.0” and an online assessment, we focus on key topics and strategies to improve Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management. View Course Info

  • The Five Behaviors of a Team

    Based on Patrick Lencioni’s work “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”, this course reveals the five critical fundamentals of high performing teams. This workshop promotes different thinking about each of these five dysfunctions. View Course Info

  • Leadership Academy

    Train your leaders to bring out the best in others to achieve individual development and organizational goals. View Course Info

  • Presentation Skills

    Our Presentation Skills program will give participants the skills they need to make speaking in front of a group less terrifying - and even enjoyable! View Course Info

  • Purposeful Accountability

    This highly engaging team building course explores how beliefs and mindsets impact behaviors and how these behaviors impact internal and external customers as well as influence business outcomes and performance goals. View Course Info

  • The Working Genius

    This program helps team members align goals, organize projects, and implement stages of work (Ideation, Activation and Implementation). View Course Info

  • Blanchard | Building Trust

    After the workshop, participants will understand the impact of their behavior on building or eroding trust with others. View Course Info

  • Blanchard | Management Essentials

    Set your leaders up to create engaged, productive teams and drive greater results for your organization. View Course Info

  • Blanchard | Self Leadership

    Our Self Leadership training program is designed by experts in employee motivation and engagement to ensure your team members develop the self-starting mindset they need to move the organization forward. View Course Info

  • Blanchard | SLII® Concepts

    SLII® Concepts teaches what it means to lead situationally. That means giving people the right support or direction at the right time. View Course Info

  • Blanchard | The SLII™ Experience

    Blanchard’s SLII® empowers leaders to become adaptive—a requirement for our uncertain times. Backed by 40 years of research and an unmatched track record of results, The SLII Experience™ teaches your leaders how to lead situationally. View Course Info

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Whether you have team members in offices around the world, remote workers, or a full in-office staff, Bonfire Training has the right Customer Service Training Courses for you. Determine whether remote customer service training, online customer service training, onsite, OnDemand, or live remote customer service training (Online Customer Service Training) is right for your team.

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