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At Bonfire Training, fun isn't just a buzzword; it's a way of life. Gather around the bonfire and join in the fun!

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Lisa's Library
Lisa's Library
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If reading is your jam, then this section is for you! Learn about the latest in customer service and leadership development.

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Game Changers
Game Changers
Customer Service Essentials

Have a Laugh

Poor Customer Service | Fawlty Towers

Bad Customer Service | Seinfeld

Fun with New Customers - Kicking & Screaming

Trainer Dez on Supermarket Sweep

Ellen - Your Call is Important to Us

Seinfeld - Dry Cleaning

Friends - Phoebe Works at Empire Office Supplies

Meet the Parents - Greg Has to Wait

Seinfeld - The Soup Nazi

RFP - Say No to Spec

Airplane! - Roger, Roger