Virtual Customer Service Training: Empower Your Remote Workforce

Remote Training Solutions

The world has gone virtual.

A company’s operations, and who they hire and train to work for them, now regularly extend beyond a single physical location. This shift affects many types of roles, including customer service representatives. 

Customer service roles have become one of the most common remote positions across every sector of business. And no matter where your team is physically located, they should still be providing the kind of exceptional customer experience your company needs to keep your customer base satisfied.

Yet, in today's virtual customer service environment, we know that while opportunities like virtual customer service training are crucial, they can seem out of reach. Scheduling virtual customer service training sessions was already challenging enough when your staff worked mainly in one or a few office locations. But now, many excellent customer service teams operate in multiple time zones and geographic locations. 

How do you even begin to schedule a virtual training customer service training session—let alone ensure you’re providing high-quality learning opportunities to your people regardless of physical location? 

A virtual world—with virtual customer service—means we need virtual training! At Bonfire, we recognize that removing the barriers of time zones, geographical restrictions, and scheduling conflicts leads to your team members receiving the lessons, skills, and techniques needed to deliver exceptional customer service. That’s why we offer virtual customer service training that meets your team members where they are—and provides the same high-quality interactive experiences you receive from our in-person programs.

What Virtual Customer Service Training Can Offer You and Your Teams

You may be wondering: Can virtual customer service training really be as effective as in-person training? When it’s approached thoughtfully and offered in an engaging way, it absolutely can be! Using the right approach and tools, virtual customer service training becomes a powerful ally in equipping your teams with the virtual customer service skills they need to help your customers.

Exploring the virtual customer service training options available to you can unlock many benefits for you and your team, such as:

  • The ability to train in multiple locations simultaneously.
  • Flexible scheduling options that can accommodate shorter sessions.
  • Programs that can be delivered in a training room or at individual workstations.
  • Fully interactive virtual customer service sessions that include chat, Q&A, quizzes, polls, and more.

Where virtual customer service training really stands out is in the convenience, flexibility, and interactivity it offers. Let’s dive a little deeper into the benefits of our customer service training programs where you can learn customer service skills.



Virtual customer service training should be readily available whenever and wherever you and your team need it. You’ll be able to access our live programs from anywhere in the world—all you require is a device and a solid internet connection. 

The training should make your people think, not the technology they use to access it. So we offer our simple, mobile-friendly platform that is compatible with whatever device you prefer. Pick up training progress between multiple devices. And set up your teams however you feel is best: Gather your whole team in one room, assign a device to each team member, or have them share—whatever you need to enable their success!



We understand how difficult it can be for an entire team to clear their schedules all at once, especially doing so across time zones and increasing numbers of customer interactions. Recognizing the need for flexibility, we’ve developed our virtual training to accommodate the diverse needs and constraints of your team members.

Our Live Training allows your people to participate in real-time sessions, which mimic the immediacy and interactivity of an in-person event and enable live discussions, questions, and feedback. And if your team members have conflicting commitments or time zone differences, we provide the option to access recorded sessions so your team can conveniently access training material at their own pace. No more back-and-forth work to synchronize schedules!



When your team participates in virtual training, you’re getting much more than slides and a voiceover! Instead of watching slide after slide in an endless presentation, our training offers multiple levels of engagement through a variety of interactive elements. Videos, call recordings, high-quality images, interactive flashcards—we have many options to engage and support people with different learning styles.

For Live Training options, your team members will have access to their trainer for the duration of the program. Their trainer will respond to questions and share additional insights and experiences throughout the session. And with virtual training, we make it all about you! We customize your training program to match your needs and reflect your experiences. Our experienced staff are able to bring many real-life examples into the training to help your people better connect principles with practices.

With these key elements involved, our training is designed to empower your team with immediately applicable virtual customer service skills and foster a deeper connection between principles and practice. At Bonfire, we are dedicated to helping your team provide exceptional customer service, and our virtual training is your pathway to achieving that level of excellence.

Types of Virtual Training

If you are looking to enhance your team’s customer service skill set, we have a variety of virtual customer service resources available for you, including our Live Remote Training Solutions and OnDemand Online Training Solutions, tailored to your team’s specific needs.

Virtual Customer Service Training

Live Remote Training SOLUTIONS

Exclusively for you

Whether you have team members in offices around the world or remote workers, virtual customer service training delivered live can offer your organization what your people need to grow and develop.

Our Live Remote Training Solutions program offers live webinars formatted to include customized courses and delivered via webcast by a certified Bonfire Trainer in 60-90 minute segments through remote training. Participants also receive time to practice the techniques on the job to help them retain the knowledge and know how to apply it in any customer interaction.

Live Remote Training Solutions are ideal for companies with team members distributed across multiple locations or those with complicated scheduling issues, yet have a desire to offer a comprehensive curriculum of courses to their team members.

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Customer Service Training for Employees

On-Demand online Training SOLUTIONS

available 24/7

Get the right training right now with Bonfire's OnDemand Online Training. Our online customer service training seminars are here to help get your team up and ready. 

Our virtual customer service training is designed to give you high-quality and concise information that you can watch in one sitting from any device. You and your team will participate in a multimedia learning experience, with lessons and techniques delivered through videos, call recordings, high-quality images, interactive flashcards, and more. You’ll also receive reference and support materials to help your team transfer their new skills and learnings to the real world.

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Navigating the world of virtual customer service and training can be challenging. Bonfire is here, and we are ready to help. Give your remote team the training solutions they need, and your team will be ready to provide exceptional customer service no matter where in the world they are. If you’d like to explore how virtual training can help your team succeed, feel free to reach out to our experts at any time.

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