Customer Service Essentials

Customer Service Training Program

Program Format

This is a one-day program that includes formulas, tips, and fun interactive group activities to increase consistency and professionalism to create positive customer impressions with every interaction. 

The training is designed to increase the confidence of your team members while also maintaining exceptional customer service. The intention is to affirm and refresh skills and offer new approaches to challenging situations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Be aware of specific standards that are expected within each and every phone call, email communication and customer interaction, and how to achieve that standard.

  • Create a positive first impression with a professional and consistent greeting for phone interactions, as well as a consistent opening for email communication.

  • Guide a phone conversation or email communication from the start and stay in control, while ensuring that the customer's needs are not only met but exceeded.

  • Be aware of how thoughts and frame of mind can help or hinder the delivery of the quality of service the customer expects.

  • Quickly build and maintain rapport using positive vocabulary choices, voice tone techniques and proper email etiquette. 

  • Deliver a negative message in a positive way while ensuring the customer's accurate understanding of the message and increasing their receptivity and cooperation. 

  • Transform an unhappy customer into a satisfied one without the need for supervisor intervention and increase one call resolution.

Business Outcomes




improved customer satisfaction.



breaking down silos.

Who should attend?

Ideal for any department or team interested in better communication skills with internal and external customers over the phone, face-to-face or online. We frequently work with customer service reps, IT help desk staff, HR department reps, patient care teams, receivable or payable teams, and many more.

The Customer Service Essentials course is available online, learn more here.

Customer Service Training
Be Your Best, On Purpose, Every Time.

Transform every customer interaction into a positive, successful one.

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