Instructional Design

Good instructional design encourages faster and more efficient learning than what might happen organically. Instructional design is our process of assessing your learning needs and then applying the appropriate learning strategy to meet them.

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Understanding How People Learn

We are continually learning as we take in information, explore and solve problems, and interact with people. Why not put a little structure around the learning?


Three Core Components to Instructional Design

Understand How People Learn

It’s important to understand how we learn so that we can develop the right instructional methodology for the courses we design.

Construct Learning Activities

Switch from info-centric design to one that is more focused on the learner. This way, we create more meaningful activities that tap into the learner’s motivations.

Measure the Effectiveness

By compressing daily activities and increasing opportunities for practice, you can decrease the time it takes to train new employees from 90 days to less than three weeks.

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