Why Your Customer Service Training Should Be Adaptive

Customer Service Training Class

Embracing change has become a guiding principle for many of today’s most successful business models—and for good reason! As a new generation enters the workforce, leaders need to offer adaptive training that applies to the day-to-day situations their employees *actually* face.

The truth is, many of the professional development options companies offer are unsuitable for today’s workers. People are looking for training that can be viewed in one sitting and accessed at any time, anywhere in the world, on any device. Just like convenience is a big consideration for your customers, it’s also important to your employees!

At Bonfire, we believe there are A TON of reasons to champion adaptive customer service training. Read our favorites below.

Less Boredom

Training can (and should!) wake up our senses. Instead of having your customer service teams click through endless amounts of slides, try adaptive training that allows them to get involved. Not everyone is a visual learner—many people need the help of real-world, interactive elements to get what they’ve learned to stick. Bonfire’s online customer service training offers a variety of interactive elements to support a large range of different learning styles.

Greater Retention

Companies need to be thinking about ways they can make growth opportunities more engaging to ensure the highest learning transfer. Bonfire’s OnDemand training is presented through videos, call recordings, high-quality images, interactive flashcards, and more! Learners will also receive reference and support materials to help them transfer their new customer service skills to the real world.

Happy Leaders

Did we mention adaptive customer service training is a huge win for leadership? It’s true! Now, your customer service representative in California can receive the same training as your customer care agent in New York—without any hassle. Gone are the days of stressful coordination or having to factor in different time zones. With adaptive online training, leaders can save money and build employee loyalty.

A Lot of FUN

Yep—adapting to today’s workforce means training should be FUN! Over the years, we’ve seen first-hand that the best learning outcomes happen when teams can let go of their work stress/responsibilities and remember that there’s plenty of fun to be had. Ignite your team’s spark with online training designed to encourage engagement, enhance skill development, and create a fun atmosphere while impacting business results.

Comprehensive Training Programs for Customer Service

Whether your staff is spread out across the country, you need an effective way to upskill your team, or you’re looking for professional development on an individual level, adaptive OnDemand customer service training is the way to go!

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