Further Your Commitment to Above The Line Service With These Courses

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What if we told you we could strategically cultivate high-quality customer service at your business in a way that’s fun, educational, and results-driven? It’s true! We understand that companies are looking to retain teams, and we think empowering them is a great way to do so. After all, a happy team is more likely to go the extra mile in the name of customer care.

So, how do you further your commitment to customer service? Try getting your service “Above the Line.” We like to look at it like this: You’ll find excellent service above the (metaphorical) line, and average service below it. While each team will have its own “line” by which it judges its customer service success, certain behaviors will always go above and beyond the line.

Sounds easy, right? Well, according to SalesForce, 78% of customer service agents say their company views them as brand ambassadors—Yet, over half (55%) of agents say they need better training to do their jobs. Companies can’t expect their teams to represent them in a specific way without ample direction and support.

At Bonfire, we offer a variety of training programs that will send your customer service agents soaring. Keep reading to learn more about the courses we’ve created to help lift your team up to reach their full potential and foster a culture of genuine care at your business.

Courses Committed to Care

The really cool thing about training with Bonfire is that many of our courses double as personal and professional development. We believe that being able to deliver top-notch customer care is intertwined with how we feel about ourselves and the world around us. Work can be challenging when we’re feeling burnt out and disconnected from ourselves—and that’s okay! What’s important is that we support each other through these times. Here are the training courses we recommend to do so:

1. Customer Service Essentials Refresher

If your team has already taken our Customer Service Essentials introductory course, we’ve created an Essentials Refresher course to revive and reinvigorate their skills! In this course, we take a deeper dive into some of the more challenging communication techniques that are required to provide next-level service.

Refresher sessions are highly customized and since many people learn by doing, this course has a little bit of everything: individual activity, group exercises, role-play, and self-reflection. All of this helps to create or reinforce good habits that will help transform every interaction into a positive and successful one.

2. Compassion Fatigue

Research shows that frequent exposure to the hardships of others can lead one to become detached, apathetic, and numb to the feelings of others. This is known as Compassion Fatigue, and it can make employees seem as caring as a robot. 

Having robots interacting with your clients isn’t exactly the recipe for above-the-line customer care. That’s why we’ve created this course to identify the warning signs of Compassion Fatigue and explore the techniques to rebound and build resiliency.  

3. Better Relationships Through DISC 

Relationships can be hard, but like air, they are necessary! DISC represents the four behavioral styles in the general population and is a universal language for describing a person’s behavior and emotions.

In our Better Relationships Through DISC course, we remind teams that each of us has a primary behavior style that can make us “click” or “clank” with others. At Bonfire, we’ve seen firsthand how teams can increase productivity and engagement when they know how to get along with everyone in a way that brings out the best in each other. DISC gives us the roadmap to adapt, so we can create better relationships.

4. Customer Service Advantage

The focus of the Customer Service Advantage course is to build behaviors that enable your team to increase customer loyalty while improving morale, teamwork, and commitment throughout the workplace. Grounded in DISC and key sources of research, we’ll focus on advancing participants’ capabilities in the following six skills:

  • Empathy – The ability to express care or concern while doing your best to understand the thoughts, feelings, or attitudes of others.
  • Resiliency – Recover from adversity and discomfort to perform at your best every time.
  • Asking Great Questions – Formulate questions that extract useful answers.
  • Customer Advocacy – Actively and proactively support and promote what is good for others.
  • Adaptability – Modify personal behaviors and emotions to create a receptive environment.
  • Persuasion – Move others to a belief or action.

5. Serving Self and Others 

Each employee has the choice to show up for customers in an attentive, caring, and considerate way—and this serves both the customer and ourselves. Serving Self and Others examines how to accomplish this dual goal within each customer interaction, even during tough conversations.

Making a difference to each customer in a way that connects them uniquely to your organization will truly set your organization apart. Intentionality not only ensures our customers are well-supported, but it also helps instill healthy behaviors within ourselves.

6. Self Leadership  

We know how important it is to the success of your organization that every person be empowered and committed to achieving results. Our Self Leadership course is designed by experts in employee motivation and engagement to ensure your team members develop the self-starting mindset they need to move the organization forward.

When you arm your individual contributors with a well-developed self-leadership mindset and skill set, you build an empowered workforce that is productive, innovative, and passionate about their work.

Deliver Exceptional Service with Every Interaction

Sometimes achieving above-the-line customer service means taking a step back and looking at what your people need on a personal level—not just a professional one. We design our courses to humanize the customer service experience and be your constant support throughout the process. After all, that’s why so many businesses choose Bonfire as their #TrainingPartner4Life.

Contact us today to see what we can do for your organization.