OnDemand Customer Service Training for Teams

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While our OnDemand Customer Service Training started as a course catering to individuals, we’ve expanded our offerings to accommodate 50+ seats! Now, your customer service representative in California can receive the same training as your customer care agent in New York—and you don’t have to coordinate anything or factor in different time zones!

Remote, online professional development allows employees to complete training at their convenience and allows organizations to manage their time and resources wisely. After all, ongoing training for a large team can feel like a significant investment—it makes sense that you’d want to ensure there’s a learning transfer taking place!

To ensure this is the case, our all-star trainers have created training that’s fun, convenient, and a cost-effective solution for learning rapport-building! We make it easy to keep track of your employees’ progress so you can maintain a consistency of excellent service throughout your organization.

Keep reading to learn how our virtual training is a game-changer for customer service teams of all shapes and sizes.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Is your customer service team working together in a cohesive, productive way to achieve a central goal? Are they engaging with one another in a way that sparks connection and integrity? While this may seem like a long shot—it’s actually very attainable. But this type of team harmony doesn’t just happen; it takes some work!

Bonfire’s transformative online training will equip your team with reproducible, real-time communication skills that can be used in every interaction and with every customer. Some of the topics highlighted throughout our OnDemand online customer service training seminars include the following:

  • Mindset & Putting Customers First: Critical concepts for making the most of every customer interaction.
  • Greeting Your Customer: Concise, productive greeting to immediately build rapport and maintain focus.
  • Acknowledge & Take the Lead: How to engage with the customer while keeping the conversation on track.
  • Empathy: Understand empathy: recognize when it’s warranted and how to express it.
  • Gems for All Conversations: Ways to build rapport, foster positive communication, and gather information.
  • Delivering Negative Information: Increase cooperation and decrease resistance when delivering “bad” news.
  • Troublemakers: Learn to rephrase common verbiage that can put customers on the defensive.
  • Active Listening: The key components of active listening and how to acquire a listening mindset.
  • Etiquette on Holds, Transfers, & Wrap-Ups: Proven techniques for handling these functions easily and professionally.
  • Best Practices for Email & Chat: How to apply Bonfire’s positive communication techniques to written messages.
  • Challenging Customer Interactions: How to approach “difficult” customers and de-escalate when necessary.
  • Accountability: Overcome ‘the blame game’ and ‘victim mentality’ to create a successful team.
  • Action Plan: Review key techniques and download an Action Plan to keep the skills alive.

Ignite Your Team’s Spark With Customer Service Training!

Customer service is what holds many corporations together and allows them to succeed. No matter how busy things become at your organization, there’s always time to find that spark that motivates and empowers us.

We can help you invest in training that will emphasize how important customer service is to your business and make a lasting impression on your teams. To get a better idea of what to expect from our OnDemand Customer Service Training, click here to preview the course. Ready to purchase? Click here!