The Importance of OnDemand Customer Service Training

man with headphones taking notes during online course

Over the past few years, “virtual training” has remained a major buzzword—and for good reason! With many organizations making the shift to remote or hybrid work environments, it makes sense that training would be modified to accommodate.

Whether your team is spread across the country and in-person training isn’t an option, or you want to give your employees the option to complete training on their own time, virtual online training is the move! Keep reading to learn more about OnDemand customer service training options and the importance of offering virtual training to your team.

What Online Customer Service Training Can Offer

When you want to offer ongoing education to your employees without going over your budget, online training is a great solution. Not only is online training fun and convenient, it’s also a cost-effective solution for learning rapport-building! It’s no secret that this is an important way to maintain the consistency of excellent service throughout your organization.

At Bonfire, our virtual customer service training is based on our Customer Service Essentials (CSE) course and is designed to increase the confidence of your team members while fostering exceptional customer service. This OnDemand course includes over a dozen modules, gives you 30 days of access, and can be purchased in single or multiple-seat packages. We will teach your team new skills, refresh existing competencies, and offer new approaches to challenging situations today’s customer-facing employees face.

Some of the topics you can expect our OnDemand training to cover include the following:

  • Critical concepts for making the most of every customer interaction.
  • Concise, productive greeting to immediately build rapport and maintain focus.
  • How to engage with the customer while keeping the conversation on track.
  • Understand empathy: recognize when it’s warranted and how to express it.
  • Ways to build rapport, foster positive communication, and gather information.
  • Increase cooperation and decrease resistance when delivering “bad” news.
  • Learn to rephrase common verbiage that can put customers on the defensive.
  • The components of active listening and how to acquire a listening mindset.
  • How to apply Bonfire’s positive communication techniques to written messages.
  • How to approach “difficult” customers and how to de-escalate when necessary.
  • Overcome ‘the blame game’ and ‘victim mentality’ to create a thriving team.
  • Review key techniques and download an Action Plan to keep the skills alive.

Assessable Virtual Training for Customer Care Teams

Our OnDemand online training is designed to give your customer service team high-quality training they can watch in one sitting, from any place, on any device, at any time! Our mobile-friendly training platform responds to whatever device you prefer. This means you have the option to start the course on one device and pick it up later on a different one.

Best of all: our training is designed to be FUN. Yes, you read that right! Training can (and should) wake up our senses. That’s why instead of having our trainees click through an endless amount of slides, we’ve created an engaging course that features a variety of interactive elements.

Not everyone can wrap their mind around a bunch of text on a PowerPoint—and that’s okay! We’ve added in a bunch of components to cater to different learning styles—like videos, call recordings, high-quality imagery, flashcards, and more! Learners will also receive reference and support materials to help them transfer their new customer service skills to the real world.

OnDemand Customer Service Training With Bonfire

Bonfire’s eLearning series is designed to increase your team’s confidence to promote unrivaled customer care at your organization. The intention is to teach new skills, refresh existing competencies, offer new approaches to challenging situations—and have some fun while we’re at it.

To get a better idea of what to expect from our OnDemand Customer Service Training, click here to preview the course. Ready to purchase? Click here!