I’m Not Gonna Lie: Better Ways to Deliver the Same Message

Customer service representative communication

In customer service (and really in life), positivity is going to lead to a smoother transition, clearer communication, and a more satisfied customer. Even if a front-line representative is doing everything else to the best of their ability, a couple of thoughtless off-hand phrases may be the last straw for a frustrated customer. And since 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service, it’s best to have sharp, positive communication strategies.

At Bonfire Training, we teach that there are better ways to deliver the same message than some words or phrases that might have gained popularity over time. For example, the phrase “not gonna lie,” might make someone think unconsciously (or consciously), “as opposed to all the other times that you do lie?”

That’s definitely not what you want your customers thinking. Even an “honestly” or “truthfully,” at the beginning of the statement can imply that previous conversations have not included truth. Words matter and they can go a long way to establish trust between a client and a company representative.

Additionally, while “no problem” is a crowd favorite for Millenials, in customer service, using positive words are going to be better than two negative words that amount to a positive. Just go straight to the positive by saying, “My pleasure,” “It’s all good,” “Happy to,” or the old standby “You’re welcome.”

Check out how to rephrase common customer service words and phrases to deliver the same message yet in a more positive way.


Bonfire Training can help teach you or your customer service representatives how to choose different words and phrases to deliver their message in a positive way. And we’re good at it! Not gonna lie.

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