Why Consumers Care More About Your Customer Service Than Your Social Mission

woman checking out at store

While promoting your commitment to your customers on your social channels is an important part of content marketing, turns out—it’s not what keeps people coming back! Of course, diversity and inclusivity should be an intricate part of your brand, it’s just important to note that consumers still rank customer care as their top priority.

And, like us, you may be surprised to learn this! Especially with the rise of Gen-Z and their $360 million spending power. It’s no secret that Generation Z has been calling on brands to take more action in the realm of social and political issues—but that’s not the only thing they’re championing for. Keep reading to learn why today’s consumers still care more about the quality of your customer service over the messaging you put out on your social channels.

Consumers Want You To Prove Your Support

Today, brands are expected to do more than market, sell, and turn profits. People want to feel like they have a relationship with the brands they support. And it’s mutually beneficial since investing in consumer relationships positively impacts revenue and strengthens customer loyalty.

But are you ‘talking the talk’ without ‘walking the walk’ regarding customer support? We don’t suggest taking this performative approach—as consumers will catch on FAST. In fact, according to a recent study by eMarketer and Insider Intelligence, 94% of global customers consider how well a brand treats its consumers before making a purchase.

Just because you’re promoting compassion, inclusivity, and effective communication on your social media platforms—don’t think this is enough! Today’s consumers (Gen-Z included) want you to actually prove your care and support, not just post about it. How are you treating your customers calling in for help? How are you treating your employees? This is what matters to today’s spenders!

No matter how great your online messaging is surrounding environmental and social issues—it doesn’t necessarily translate to sales. Only 27% of customers worldwide reported switching to brands that better align with their personal values.

Instead, nearly half of global consumers reported switching to brands that could provide a better quality of customer care. It’s clear that people’s main concern today is finding a company that cares about them as much as they claim to.

Keep Customer Care Top Of Mind With Bonfire Training!

With consumer experience taking the #1 ranking globally, keeping customer care and satisfaction top of mind should be every organization’s priority. While we encourage companies to utilize their social media to reinforce their brand—make sure your messaging aligns with your actions!

At Bonfire, we have the customer service training to help strengthen and maintain customer loyalty and overall satisfaction at your business. Reach out to learn more!