Customer Service Essentials for the Utility Industry

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Utility companies provide more than just water and energy; they’re also expected to deliver exceptional customer service. Now more than ever before, you want your company to be seen as a trusted and reliable partner in your community. With client expectations steadily rising, it’s more important than ever for your front-line representatives to bring their A-game in 2021 and beyond.

Do your employees have the practical skills necessary to succeed in their customer-facing roles? With everything that’s happened over the past year, your utility company would likely benefit from a course to boost their skills. Cue Bonfire Training! Our Customer Service Essentials (CSE) training program offers OnDemand solutions created specifically for the utility industry. Increase customer loyalty and improve your internal culture by learning what our CSE program can do for you and your organization.

Why CSE is the Best Option for Your Utility Company

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No matter if your company handles water, power, trash, internet, energy, or another utility—odds are—you’ve been busy! We know preparedness is your expertise, but it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the higher than ever demand. Managing this on top of the need to cut costs, increase operational efficiency, return value, as well as improve customer service? All of that can feel like a lot of weight on your shoulders!

Luckily, our CSE training program can help lighten your load! In today’s day and age, utility companies of all types must remain laser-focused on delivering the highest quality of care to their customers. We’ll teach you and your team how to approach customer service in a courteous, efficient, and proactive manner. Here’s how: 

  • Our team takes the time to teach you real-time, effective communication strategies to improve processes like billing and collecting payment.
  • We’ll help you remain current on best practices when communicating with both internal and external customers.
  • CSE training will assist your team in developing conflict resolution skills so that you can keep your customers happy no matter the obstacles that arise.
  • We provide you with the necessary tools to professionally manage and prevent call escalations.
  • This program is known for its ability to drastically improve utility companies’ consistency and overall customer service.

Meeting Your Needs Better Than Ever Before

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It’s no secret that being easy to do business with is a cornerstone element of any company – in fact, it’s one of Bonfire’s Core Values! With that being said, adding a global pandemic to the mix has caused many businesses to go into survival mode, putting their goals of improved customer satisfaction on the backburner. We understand the need to hustle here, trust us. However, keeping your customers happy through effective communication and care should be your main focus.

According to a 2020 study by J.D. Power, customer satisfaction among large electric utility businesses increased, while satisfaction among small electric utility businesses decreased in the past year. This slump in customer contentment was a common pattern for small utility businesses across the board. 

It’s plain to see that there’s a need for guidance, especially when adapting to the current climate. That’s why we’re here to provide comprehensive and customizable training that meets the unique needs of your utility company better than ever before. When you take advantage of our CSE training program, we’ll teach you how to be GREAT at all times. GREAT is a quick and powerful acronym that stands for: 

  • Greeting: CSE training begins by highlighting the importance of positive first impressions.
  • Respect: These specialized techniques will help your team create rapport through respectful actions.
  • Empathy: Now more than ever, expressing empathy is imperative to helping customers stay receptive and cooperative. 
  • Accountability: You will learn how to take ownership, even during difficult customer situations. 
  • Talk: We help you realize that the words we choose as well as our voice, tone, and body language, are what truly get our message across.

What Makes Our Training Different

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At Bonfire Training, we help utility businesses unlock their true power. Through our electrifying CSE training program, you’ll begin recognizing your unique influence on customers and start practicing behaviors that instill confidence and comfort. We have a proven track record of helping utility companies succeed and become nationally recognized for their high-quality customer service. With our professional support, you can stay ahead of evolving customer expectations and be the best you can be. Also, check out our Customer Service Essentials OnDemand programs for Utility Companies, so we can assist your business in maintaining a powerful, positive, and cohesive brand.

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