OnDemand Customer Service Essentials for Utility Companies

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Powerful Customer Service Training When You Need it Most

With consumer expectations steadily rising, utility companies need access to electrifying customer service training.

Do your employees possess the necessary skills to succeed in their customer-facing roles? Our Customer Service Essentials (CSE) training program offers OnDemand solutions created with your utility business in mind. Increase customer loyalty and improve your internal culture with the help of Bonfire Training!

Comprehensive & Customizable Training

Our CSE training program teaches utility companies how to approach customer service in a courteous, efficient, and proactive manner. Here’s what you can look forward to: 

  • Implementing real-time, effective communication strategies to improve business processes
  • Staying current on best practices when communicating with both internal and external customers
  • Developing conflict resolution skills that keep your customers happy, no matter the obstacles
  • Understanding how to professionally manage and prevent call escalations
  • Improving your utility company’s consistency and overall customer service
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This utility-specific online training program is designed to deliver high-quality training you can watch in one sitting, and on any device. When you want to offer ongoing education on a budget, virtual training is a convenient and cost-effective solution. This course includes 14 modules and can be purchased in single or multiple-seat packages. 

Bonfire’s OnDemand Customer Service Essentials for Utility Companies modules are available for delivery through Bonfire’s Learning Management System (LMS). Bonfire also offers options to license the modules to host on your LMS.

To discuss your specific learning objectives and business outcomes and obtain a pricing quote, please email Kelli Dalton or call 800-888-4893.

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CSE Training Program Testimonials

“Bonfire Training is an integral part of customer service training for our CSRs. They crave and need the tools that Bonfire provides them. What's more, our customers expect and deserve the superior level of service that Bonfire provides to our internal and external customers."

Citizens Energy Group

“Simple plans that are well-executed make the best plans." Bonfire teaches simple concepts and spends the time practicing them so that they can execute them well when helping customers. They are the “best plan"! The group was very pleased, and I personally heard a couple say that the course was the best and most engaging that they had ever attended!"

Tacoma Public Utilities

“Tia was an excellent trainer. She was personal, humorous, energetic, and presented training to us in a completely new and exciting way that allowed us to enjoy the training."

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

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