When It’s Time to Refresh Customer Service Training

When was the last time your team participated in customer service training? If it’s been a year or more, you’re likely due for a refresh. With so much that’s happened in such a short time span, we all must look at how the customer service landscape has shifted and how we must pivot to meet this moment for what it ... Read More

Showing Up Strong Guide

Let your mindset be your superpower! While feelings of scarcity may overwhelm us from time to time, finding the strength within ourselves to flip the script and focus on abundance is always going to be the better option. Every thought we have—good and bad—has the power to directly affect our reality. It’s important to feel and embrace every emotion that ... Read More

Customer Service Essentials for the Utility Industry

Utility companies provide more than just water and energy; they’re also expected to deliver exceptional customer service. Now more than ever before, you want your company to be seen as a trusted and reliable partner in your community. With client expectations steadily rising, it’s more important than ever for your front-line representatives to bring their A-game in 2021 and beyond. ... Read More