Customer Service Training Programs to Consider This Year

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At Bonfire, we love the “fresh start” feeling that comes along with a new year. It’s a time to set intentions, revisit goals, and plan professional development (PD) for the year ahead. If you’re an organization that has a set mission and goals but could use some support when it comes to PD, allow us to be your TPFL (training partner for life). 

Professional development isn’t a one-time thing—it’s an ongoing process that should build upon itself year after year. This is especially important when we’re talking about customer service and leadership, as consumer expectations have gone way up over the past few years. According to a global study conducted by Microsoft, 54% of all consumers say they have higher customer service expectations than they did just one year ago.

Customer service representatives must adapt to this call for competitive care, and we’re here to help. Whether in-person or online training is best for your team, our customer service training programs are tailored to your organization’s unique needs. Why not ring in the New Year with culture-changing customer service training? Keep reading to learn more.

Make Training a Priority in 2022

If this is your first time considering customer service training for your team, WELCOME! With over three decades of experience under our belts, you can trust us to make the ongoing PD process engaging and impactful. Are you ready for real learning, real fun, and real results? Get started with these client favorites:

Customer Service Essentials (CSE)

With our Customer Service Essentials course, your team will know how to transform every interaction into a positive customer service experience. They will learn to talk to customers in a relatable, authentic, professional way and transform customers into loyal advocates for your company.

Sustain the Training: Customer Service Essentials

We designed our Sustain the Training: Customer Service Essentials course to perfectly complement our CSE course. After your team is trained in Customer Service Essentials, we collaborate with your leaders to create a custom sustainability plan. Since leaders have one of the most significant impacts in learning transfer and keeping training alive, this is a highly effective next step.

Above the Line Service

Ready to take your service “above the line”?  Our Above the Line Service course takes the customer service experience to the next level. This training will teach your customer service representatives the overall impact they have on customer relationships.

Five Behaviors of a Team

This workshop reveals the five critical fundamentals of high-performing teams and promotes different leadership thinking. The Five Behaviors of a Team workshop will help you create expectations, practice communication, increase clarity, and lay the groundwork for building a cohesive team.

Train-the-Trainer & Licensing (for CSE)

Does your organization have in-house trainers? We love to hear it! After completing the Train-the-Trainer course, Customer Service Essentials (our most frequently requested program) can be delivered by your trainers, remotely or onsite at your location at any time, both for existing employees and new hires!

Field Customer Service Essentials

The exposure field employees have to customers is unique because field reps are always “on.” When even the smallest interaction can have a powerful impact on a company’s reputation, our Field Customer Service Essentials course ensures both internal and field team members are part of a positive and cohesive brand.

Customer support is one of the key pillars of every successful organization—make sure your representatives are set up with a well-rounded customer service training program

Bonfire Training is here to empower your team and support your organization through both times of smooth sailing and rougher waters. Contact us today to learn more about our courses and how we can help onboard and continually train your team for success with each passing year.