Why Your Customer Service Training Should Be Adaptive

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Embracing change has become a guiding principle for many of today’s most successful business models—and for good reason! As a new generation enters the workforce, leaders need to offer adaptive training that applies to the day-to-day situations their employees *actually* face. The truth is, many of the professional development options companies offer are unsuitable for today’s workers. People are looking ... Read More

When It’s Time to Refresh Customer Service Training

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When was the last time your team participated in customer service training? If it’s been a year or more, you’re likely due for a refresh. It’s no secret that the customer service landscape continues to shift, and it’s essential for businesses to pivot in order to meet this moment. We know what you’re thinking: “I’ve taken customer service training in ... Read More

Why We Suggest Meeting With Your Training Partner Every Year (Or More)

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The world is in a constant state of change. From the technology, learning methods, communication channels, work environments, approaches to feedback, and more—organizations and their employees must persistently adapt to this cycle of unending “new.” How are businesses and their teams expected to keep up? Well, it requires some much-needed support. Training once every few years may have been effective ... Read More

Above the Line

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Want to learn how you can wow your customers with unrivaled service? Keep reading to see how our Above The Line Training can help.

Customer Service Essentials for the Utility Industry

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Utility companies provide more than just water and energy; they’re also expected to deliver exceptional customer service. Now more than ever before, you want your company to be seen as a trusted and reliable partner in your community. With client expectations steadily rising, it’s more important than ever for your front-line representatives to bring their A-game in 2021 and beyond. ... Read More

10 Ways You Can Show Up Strong

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With all 2020 tossed our way, it’s totally normal to be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Trust us; you’re not alone. We’ve found that the best way to counteract the grumpy, fearful, and downright frustrating feelings we’ve been experiencing is to do our best to Show Up Strong. Our mindsets are our greatest superpower, and now, more than ever, it’s important ... Read More

Mason Health Success Story

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Our work is rewarding, that’s for sure, but it’s especially fun and satisfying when we hear from clients who are applying our methods daily. One such story is Mason Health Hospital System in Shelton, Washington. They recently shared with us a holiday recognition program that they rolled out in their new clinic to acknowledge their high-performing customer service associates. Check out this ... Read More

Turbulent Waters Call for Agile Leadership

Ships on the high seas regularly encounter uncontrollable and unpredictable forces such as storms, yet they weather through them and continue on their journey. Undoubtedly, their success is the result of a team led by a Captain who understands Agile Leadership rather than the result of one individual.  The Captain promotes teamwork, demonstrates trust, empowers, and builds systems and processes ... Read More