The Top 10 Advantages of Customer Service Online Training

What are the biggest advantages of Customer Service Online Training? At Bonfire Training, we get asked this question A LOT. And there are A LOT of different reasons why we champion OnDemand Online training. In such a fast-paced, digital world, training should adapt to the times and offer takeaways that today’s customer service representatives can actually learn and benefit from. 

To us, it makes sense that today's training should be adaptable, easily accessible, and convenient (just to name a few.) That’s why we deliver customer care training that provides individuals and teams with the comprehensive knowledge they need to thrive in the customer care industry. These transformative online courses will equip you or your team with reproducible, real-time communication skills that can be used in every interaction and with every customer. 

Here’s our list detailing the top 10 advantages of online customer service training:

1. Flexibility

For starters, OnDemand training courses offer ultimate flexibility. With remote and hybrid work becoming increasingly common, businesses and employees alike are searching for training to accommodate. The cool thing about online training is that it can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Yep—you read right! 

Your employees will love the ability to complete training at a time that works best for their busy schedule—and you’ll love that employees are actually completing training. Whether your team is spread out across the country and in-person training isn’t an option, or you want to give your employees the freedom to complete training on their own time, virtual training is the move!

2. Mobility

Today’s teams value (and expect) mobility. While online training in the past was restricted to desktops and required steps like a registration process or user login page—today’s courses are now configured to all kinds of devices. Browsers are available on phones, laptops, and tablets, making online training programs for customer service easier to access than ever before. Pretty neat!

Bonfire’s simple and mobile-friendly training platform responds to whatever device you prefer; all you need is a solid internet connection! You can even start the course on one device and pick it back up later on a different one. Now THAT’s convenient!

3. Instant Reporting

Traditionally, gathering large teams into one room to view training was the norm, but as for today—not so much! We have better ways of doing things thanks to good ol’ technology. After all, it can be hard to assess the strengths and weaknesses of team members in real time during training. If you’re a company with large teams, how can you expect to keep track of each employee’s professional development?

Since everyone’s professional development path looks different, we’ve created online customer service training and development to accommodate. Our online training makes it possible for leaders to get a more in-depth look into how each employee is working toward growth. You’d be surprised about how many key insights can be gained when you begin viewing training on an individual level. We make it easy to keep track of your employees' progress so you can maintain a consistency of excellent service throughout your organization.

4. Accessible

Convenience isn’t just important to your customers—it’s also hugely important to your employees. We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: most traditional training options are unsuitable for today’s workforce. People are looking for training that can be viewed in one sitting and accessed at any time, anywhere in the world, on any device.

Accessible OnDemand training courses are also a huge win for leadership. Now, your customer service representative in California can receive the same training as your customer care agent in New York—and you don't have to coordinate anything or factor in different time zones!

5. Comprehensive

Instead of blocking out an hour or more of your customer care representative’s busy workday, take advantage of online training that can deliver a breadth of information. With a comprehensive customer service training program, companies can set their teams up with the best solutions in customer care without having to find a plethora of different resources.

Bonfire’s all-encompassing online training delivers ongoing professional development, covering a wide range of real-life scenarios that today’s representatives actually experience.

6. Interactive

Training can (and should) wake up our senses. Instead of having your customer service teams click through endless amounts of slides, try investing in training that allows them to get involved. Not everyone is a visual learner—many people need the help of real-world, interactive elements to get what they’ve learned to stick.

Bonfire’s exceptional customer service training workshops offer a variety of interactive elements to support a large range of different learning styles. Our techniques are presented through videos, call recordings, high-quality images, interactive flashcards, and more! Learners will also receive reference and support materials to help them transfer their new customer service skills to the real world.

7. Engaging

Have you ever heard of “Death by Powerpoint?” This verbiage was coined to highlight our generation’s poor use of presentation software. With low-quality graphics, text-heavy slides, and the average presenter trying to read out 30+ slides to a yawning audience—it’s no wonder most employees wince at the thought of work training.

At Bonfire, we believe customer service training should be inviting. When all your employees need is a device and a solid internet connection to soak in some high-level professional development—why wouldn’t they participate? Companies need to be thinking about ways they can make growth opportunities more engaging to ensure the highest learning transfer.

8. Improved Loyalty

Happy employees equate to happy customers! While it may seem like a no-brainer, many companies underestimate the importance of improving their customer care team’s experience in order to improve their overall customer experience. Convenient, engaging, effective professional development opportunities will let your employees know they’re valued. 

When your customer service team is set up with everything they need to be successful, you’ll start seeing heightened productivity, profitability, and retention—not to mention the motivation to perform unrivaled customer care. In the coming year, brands should look into customer service professional development opportunities so your employees have the support they need to put their best foot forward.

9. Money-Saving

Whether you’re looking for cost-effective training for large teams, small teams, or individuals, make sure you consider virtual options! When you need ongoing online training on a budget, Bonfire Training is here to offer best-in-class solutions. 

We understand that ongoing online training for a large team can feel like a significant investment—but it doesn’t have to be! Our budget-friendly customer service online training costs $184/seat and grants you access to an arsenal of customer service professional development opportunities. And if you’d like to set up a single individual at your company with training, this is a great deal!

10. FUN

Yep—online training is FUN (or at least it should be!) We think the best learning outcomes happen when teams can let go of their work stress/responsibilities and remember that there’s plenty of fun to be had. Our training isn’t intimidating or daunting.

Our superstar trainers will reignite your teams’ spark with interactive and engaging experience-based learning. Our leadership training and customer service courses are designed to encourage engagement, enhance skill development, and create a fun atmosphere while impacting business results.

Comprehensive Training Programs for Customer Service

Whether your staff is spread out across the country, you need an effective way to upskill your team, or you're looking for professional development on an individual level, online customer service training is the way to go! 

No matter how busy things become in your personal life or organization, there's always time to find that spark that motivates and empowers us. Whatever your preference, we have options for you! To get a better idea of what to expect from our OnDemand Customer Service Training, click here to preview the course. Ready to purchase? Click here!