DIY Customer Service Training… Is It Really That Easy?

customer service training

When someone in your family has a toothache, it’s unlikely that you reach for a pair of pliers, and if your office air conditioner stops working, your solution probably doesn’t involve heading to the jug of Freon you keep in the break room.

But when it comes to fixing a breakdown in customer service, many companies tell us they decided to “DIY” it. It’s only later, when they realized that what had started as a minor problem had become part of their company culture, did they seek professional help.

Look, we’re all about being handy and self-reliant – on HGTV. When it comes to customer service though, homemade internal fixes, hastily employed, can leave your team even more frustrated, and less empowered than they were before.

Without a background in instructional design, or experience in developing training programs, even the very best human resources department simply cannot create the strategy and messaging necessary to address real time communication issues. And while YouTube offers a veritable supermarket of DIY customer service training videos, putting them all together into a coherent, effective training program is another matter entirely.

We see the end result of these attempts in the faces of angry employees and frustrated managers. “I made them watch four hours of training videos. It didn’t work,” is something we typically hear from irritated supervisors, along with “I had to watch four hours of YouTube, it was a total waste of my time” from their employees.

If you’ve stumbled down the DIY path, there is good news – our customized training programs can get your company moving in the right direction. We understand the ways that people learn and the most effective ways to reach everybody, not just the few sitting in the front of the room. Not only do we offer in-person programs, but also convenient online classes that give you on point, interesting, and entertaining content that you can use right away, in every situation, every time. With on demand and remote training options, we’re more responsive than ever before to the needs of our customers.

If you wouldn’t ask your administrative team to fix the air conditioner, you shouldn’t ask them to train themselves in customer service. Give us a call, we’ll get to know your business and customize a training program tailored to your needs. Let us “DIFY” – do it for you!

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