Train the Trainer


Program Format

Your in-house trainers will participate in a separate full-day training to become certified to deliver the Bonfire Training Customer Service Essentials course. Prior to certification, it is recommended the trainers see the program delivered twice by our trainers to set them up for success.

This course is designed to teach your in-house trainers how to both bring new hires up to speed and also provide refresher training on an ongoing basis to all employees. It will also function as an excellent stand-alone training program for companies with remote and work-at-home employees or where remote learning is the preferred method of training.

Learning Outcomes

  • Mastering the training techniques and philosophies that keep your class and staff engaged.

  • Ensuring customer service or sales techniques are understood.

  • Aligning Bonfire Training practices to your company and brand’s overall vision.

  • Supplementing your existing program with Bonfire workbooks, skills cards, job aids and online resources.

  • Addressing trouble spots and trends to increase your training’s effectiveness.

  • Illustrating techniques with group exercises, plus additional ideas for your unique training.

  • Integrating teach-backs and feedback.

Business Outcomes


Ensure understanding of the Customer Service Essentials techniques and content.

Learn to use training materials and job-aids and how to order for future classes.


Practice “stand-up” training and receive immediate feedback.

Discuss how to present the material and engage the audience.


Who should attend?

This training is right for anyone who trains new or existing employees. Our program is ideally suited for experienced classroom trainers looking to deliver the quality and consistency of our Bonfire Training curricula in-house.

Be Your Best, On Purpose, Every Time.

Get your new hires up to speed fast.

Certify Your Trainers