Bias in the Workplace

Workplace Bias Presentation

The truth is, we all have biases. And contrary to what many people think, not every bias is harmful or hurtful—just like having a bias doesn’t make you a bad person. Biases typically become dangerous when we don’t take the time to recognize and work through them (which is often easier said than done.)

One reason it can be difficult to name and confront our biases, according to Forbes, is that the human brain unconsciously processes 11 million pieces of information per second while only processing 40 consciously. The concept of “your brain seeing even when you don’t” is one we should all think about, as so many of the decisions we make are a result of our subconscious. 

Every time we make a decision, our values, culture, life experiences, and background all significantly impact our reasoning. Over time, we’ve developed the ability to use this information we’ve gathered to create shortcuts to navigate the immeasurable amount of information we take in on a day-to-day basis. 

While this advanced cognitive function is beneficial in our modern world, it can also lead to rash decision-making based on misinformation. You see, bias is a confusing and sometimes polarizing word that can be a complex topic to discuss—especially in the workplace. That’s why we’ve taken the time to develop training that not only helps you and your team build awareness about bias, but also helps you determine ways in which you can overcome built-in bias. Keep reading to learn more.

Bias in the Workplace Training

Biases can sneak their way into every encounter we have, whether it be the language we choose to use in a job posting or how we treat our fellow peers. If we don’t take the time to address these biases in our professional settings, it can lead to unfair treatment, dysfunctional teams, and disengaged people.

Today’s workforce doesn’t have time for narrow-minded decision-makers. Not only can this limit creativity, but bias can also play a considerable role in reduced organizational innovation and team cohesiveness. So, how do we confront our biases? The first way is to admit we have them, and the second is to get professional support. That’s where we come in!

Our Bias in the Workplace Training opens up the conversation surrounding bias, gives a common language to this important topic, and allows a safe space to be introspective. Understanding what bias is, how it’s formed, and what we can do about it is a great way to grow and excel as a team and culture. In this session, we’ll focus on these three types of biases:

  • Unconscious Bias: These are judgments that form outside of our conscious awareness.
  • Affinity Bias: This is our tendency to see things like us as more favorable than things not like us—and explains our preference for things more like us.
  • Confirmation Bias: This is our bias toward information that validates what we already believe to be true.

Who Should Attend Bias Training?

Addressing bias begins with awareness and education. Our training not only helps dismantle bias in the workplace, but it can also be carried over to all aspects of life to promote a culture of unity. We could all live more consciously, and we encourage any member of an organization—especially members of project teams—to sign up for this course. If you’re looking to accomplish the following at your business, reach out to our trainers for assistance: 

Learning Outcomes

  • Build awareness of the different biases we all have
  • Recognize how our bias impacts our thoughts, decisions, and actions
  • Realize why it’s a challenge to break free of bias
  • Determine ways to overcome built-in bias to limit its effect

Business Outcomes

  • Improved Collaboration
  • Enhanced Team Morale
  • Team Unity
  • Increased Innovation
  • Better Time Management

Be Your Best. On Purpose. Every Time.

If you’re ready to begin the conversation surrounding bias at your workplace, Bonfire Training is here to help with customized, real-life scenarios designed to meet your desired outcomes. This training is a half-day, onsite, instructor-led session that can be split into shorter sessions or delivered via live remote to accommodate schedules. Reach out to us today to get started building a better, more inclusive culture at your workplace.