Online Conflict Resolution Course

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Course Overview

Understanding the causes and influences of confrontation is the key to productively engaging in conflict resolution conversations in the workplace. Learning effective conflict resolution skills helps leaders engage in difficult conversations, and resolution becomes more attainable.

In our Online Conflict Resolution Course, leaders will discover how to determine the real causes of problems, defuse tense situations, and have productive conversations that lead to resolution. They will also learn “what to say when” tools for difficult situations that arise at work, so they are equipped with the right words and approach.

We will examine conflict by covering:

  • Basic causes of conflict and conflict resolution
  • Proven strategies for minimizing causes of conflict to prevent disagreements from occurring in the first place
  • How fear of conflict can hold people back personally and professionally
  • Why avoidance, power plays, pouting, and manipulation never resolve conflict
  • The positive side of conflict and conflict resolution

Our Online Conflict Resolution Course uses relevant examples from your company to provide experience-based learning. It gives leaders the opportunity to apply new skills and handle even the most challenging of conversations. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the importance of productive conflict, also known as conflict resolution.
  • Know how to prepare for and deliver a tough conversation.
  • Discover how to defuse tense team member situations.
  • Create an “emotionally safe" conversation.
  • Craft the conversation to meet behavioral goals.
  • Adapt strategies for minimizing conflict through conflict resolution.

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"Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional."
Max Lucado

Business Outcomes

Improved Team Member Conversations

Elevated Culture of Accountability

Enhanced Leadership Skills

Increased Team Cohesion

Increased Productivity

Conflict Resolution

Program Format

This is a one-day, onsite, instructor-led session that can be split into shorter sessions to accommodate schedules.

Live Remote Training options (our Online Conflict Resolution Course) are also available.

Presented in a multi-media, fun, interactive manner with group exercises to engage participants.

Materials support additional learning reinforcement.

Be Your Best, On Purpose, Every Time.

Learn how to manage conflict through conflict resolution and move forward.

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