Compassion Fatigue


Program Format

Compassion Fatigue is characterized by a gradual lessening of compassion over time. Throughout a three to four-hour session onsite with an instructor, we will identify the warning signs of Compassion Fatigue and explore the techniques to rebound and build resiliency.

When pockets of Compassion Fatigue emerge, employee engagement and morale are negatively impacted. By using techniques involving self-care and reflection, expressing compassion is no longer a burden. This paves the way for your employees to demonstrate a genuine understanding and have an empathetic connection with your customers.

The workshop will engage participants with multimedia, fun, and interactive group exercises. Live Remote Training options are also available.

Learning Outcomes

After this session, participants will not only understand the importance of empathy but recognize the warning signs of Compassion Fatigue so you can build and maintain resilience. We will show you how to use tools to recover and improve self-care.

Business Outcomes


Improved Employee Morale.

Enhanced Company Reputation.

Improved Customer Satisfaction.

Reduced Employee Absenteeism.

Who should attend?

Any department or team looking to build their empathy muscle and improve customer and team relationships should attend this course.

Improve employee morale and resiliency.

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