The Role Biases Play in Business, Especially Now


Program Format

Two-hour live virtual instructor-led session.

Presented in a multi-media, fun, interactive manner with group exercises to engage participants.

Materials support additional learning reinforcement.

Onsite training options are also available.


Learning Outcomes


Bias is a confusing and sometimes polarizing word, and is a difficult topic to discuss.  Our goal is to begin the conversation, give us common language and allow us to be introspective and understand where we are personally on the path to impartiality.  This session is an opportunity to learn and reflect on bias – what it is, how it is formed and what we can control and/or improve.

There are three types of biases focused on this session:

    1.  Unconscious biases are judgments that are formed outside of our conscious awareness.

    2.  Affinity bias is our tendency to see things like us as more favorable than things not like us – and explains our preference for things more like us.   

    3. Confirmation bias is our bias toward information that validates what we already believe to be true.

Biases that have detrimental impact on others lead to dysfunctional teams, disengaged people, and unfair treatment.  Biases may cause employees to be too narrow minded in their decision making, or unable to see their impact from another lens.  This can limit creativity and reduce organizational innovation.  Addressing bias begins with awareness and education to lead to a culture of unity.

Business Outcomes


Improved Collaboration

Enhanced Team morale


project teams save time

increased innovation


Who should attend?

Any member of the organization, especially members of project teams.

Be Your Best, On Purpose, Every Time.

Begin the conversation about bias. Learn common language and be introspective about your path to impartiality. 

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