Building Trust

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Course Overview

Trust can be hard to earn and easy to lose.

Successful and healthy workplaces are built on a foundation of trust. When work relationships are rooted in trust, companies see effective communication, greater innovation, and increased revenue overall.

But when trust is broken, the work environment becomes toxic. People become stressed and work in silos, there’s low collaboration, and morale and productivity drop. If employees don’t trust who they work with or their leader, they won’t perform to their potential. This can result in costly turnover for your company.

Everyone deserves to work in a safe environment where they can flourish. So what do you do when trust becomes fractured? How do you identify the problem and provide a solution?

At Blanchard®, we know it can be challenging to discern and address trust issues within your organization. That’s why our award-winning trust experts created a four-step model that is easy to learn, easy to remember, and easy to use on the job. Our Building Trust program teaches leaders and their team members how to build trust to increase engagement, creativity, and commitment to the organization.

Learning Outcomes

After the workshop, participants will understand the impact of their behavior on building or eroding trust with others. Your organization will gain a common language to talk about trust and people will be more comfortable asking for help, leading to quicker problem solving.

With Building Trust, an increased sense of partnership is gained and a positive workplace is restored so your people and your organization can thrive. Don’t allow trust issues to poison your company culture or hinder your people’s growth. Help create a trusting work environment where your people feel safe, empowered, and motivated.

Business Outcomes

Build a Foundation of Trust

Increase Performance

Retain Your Talent

Drive Creativity & Innovation

Create Collaboration

Program Format

Implement Building Trust training in your organization as a live in-person workshop or a live virtual workshop. All designs include engaging participant materials, videos, and learning activities that teach participants the following key concepts:

  • Learn the Building Trust framework
  • Develop an action plan to engage in more trustworthy behaviors
  • Learn a three-step process for restoring trust
  • Plan and practice two trustworthy conversations

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Who should attend?

Anyone and everyone can benefit from Building Trust, from senior executives to managers to team leaders to individual contributors.

Trust Is Essential To Company Success

Increase Collaboration, Creativity, and Performance.

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