Building Trust


Program Format

The Building Trust program focuses on helping individuals understand the impact of their behaviors on building or eroding trust with their leaders and colleagues. Building Trust is a stand-alone module, but can also be used as a lead-in module or follow-up module to The SLII Experience™, First-Time Manager, Coaching Essentials, Self Leadership, or Building Teams.

Learning Outcomes

The program includes pre-work activities, workshop materials, a trust self-survey and practical tools for use at work.

  • Learn the Building Trust Framework.

  • Develop an action plan to engage in more trust-building behaviors.

  • Learn a three-step process for rebuilding trust.

  • Plan and practice two trust-building conversations.

Business Outcomes

Develop trust between leaders and the people you work with.


Organization-wide awareness of how high trust can benefit everyone.

Increased productivity, creativity, commitment, and initiative.


Reduce employee turnover by developing trust amongst employees.

Improved customer service and customer retention.


Who should attend?

Anyone and everyone can benefit from Building Trust, from senior executives to managers to team leaders to individual contributors.

Trust Is Essential To Company Success

Increase Collaboration, Creativity, and Performance.

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