Partnership with Bonfire Training Leads to Results and National Recognition

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When clients come to us, they aren’t only looking for customer service training; they are looking for a training partner who will help them drive bottom-line results. They want a partner who will have a lasting impact on how their company does business, ultimately creating customers for life.

When State Compensation Insurance Fund in California approached us five years ago, their goals were no different. They wanted to elevate customer interactions enterprise-wide, focusing on everything from communication skills and mindset to accountability and self-development. They wanted to elevate customer service in their culture as they work to be THE worker’s compensation insurance carrier of choice in California.

As experts in building strategic, engaging, and productive customer service training, Bonfire Training was the perfect partner to help them bring EDGE (Everyone Drives Great Experiences), a completely customized enterprise-wide training, to life. We worked with them on a three-pronged approach to create training that was sustainable and impactful, no matter if a team member had been with the company for years or was brand new.

We trained over 4,000 employees in a two-month period, and since then EDGE has become a permanent part of onboarding every new employee. This foundational training has created a universal language that has immersed into their culture with team members saying things like “That was EDGE-y!” or “That email can use more EDGE.” EDGE was not just a one-and-done training; it has become the lifeblood of how customer service lives throughout the organization and in customer interactions.

EDGE has now been featured as a best practice in Training Magazine, a leading Learning and Development publication in the US. This is one of the highest recognitions a training program can receive.

The EDGE program did exactly what it set out to do, which includes results like:

  • More than 27,000 recognitions have been given out to employees when they leverage techniques that are shared in the training
  • Submissions for new policies have increased by 7%
  • New policies written have increased by 25%
  • The organization is the largest Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier in California

“It was thrilling to work with an organization with this level of devotion to service,” said Lisa Rike, Trainer & Director of Instructional Design at Bonfire.


“Bonfire Training engaged with every single employee from the C-suite to the night crews, and EDGE has become a strong part of State Fund’s culture.”

Bonfire Training is extremely dedicated to helping clients connect more meaningfully with their customers, both internal and external. We are honored to be their partner in developing this program, continuing our mission of helping our clients transform every interaction into a positive customer service experience. Congratulations to our training partner, State Compensation Insurance Fund! We are grateful to have been a part of your success.