Serving Self and Others


Program Format

Four-hour live virtual instructor-led session.  It is delivered in two parts with each part lasting two hours.

Presented in a multi-media, fun, interactive manner with group exercises to engage participants.

Materials support additional learning reinforcement.

Onsite training options are also available.


Learning Outcomes

Each employee has the ability and choice to show up for customers in an attentive, caring, and considerate way.  This workshop examines how to do this with each customer interaction, even during tough conversations.  To gain a customer’s trust, receptivity and cooperation involves the ability to use the following five skills to serve yourself and others better.

  • Mindset and Perspective: These are personal beliefs and the examination of how these show up in our actions.
  • Resiliency: The definition is to recover from adversity and discomfort to perform at your best every time.
  • Empathy: This is a skill about connection and caring to help manage customer emotions. Compassion fatigue can emerge when signs of indifference and feeling numb emerge within ourselves.  Compassion fatigue can be overcome with certain techniques.
  • Messaging: This refers to making conscious choices with words, body language and voice tone to help the customer’s attention and comprehension.
  • Personal Motivation: It is important to realize the ability we each have to motivate ourselves into meaningful action.

Making a difference to each customer in a way that connects them uniquely to your organization is possible with intentional use of these techniques.  These serve the customer well and help instill healthy behaviors within ourselves.


Business Outcomes


Improve Employee Resiliency

Improve the caring nature of the organization


Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty

Improve Employee Performance


Who should attend?

Ideal for any department or team interested in better communication skills. This is great for any front-line employees who are the main contact for external customers.
Be Your Best, On Purpose, Every Time.

Make a difference with each customer in a way that connects them uniquely to your organization.

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