Game Changers – Key Takeaways for Improving the Customer Experience

Game Changers - Key Takeaways for Improving the Customer Experience

Did you know that most organizations currently rate their Customer Satisfaction Score at 3.8 on a scale of 1-5?

That means there is definitely room for improvement. Now more than ever, improving customer satisfaction comes down to appropriate training. With more points of consumer and company engagement like your website, marketing or social media, your front line representatives must be provided the tools that will allow them to navigate this new complex landscape of varied interactions.

Whether your organization identifies as cost-centric or customer-centric, the fact remains that well-trained, empowered employees continue to be the most important element for a successful experience with the consumer.

Today, most of the customers your agents are interacting with are calling with far more complicated issues, and ones they may have tried to solve using different touchpoints beforehand. Ensuring your employees are equipped to aid your customers is key to your success.

The voice of the customer is still king, but without happy, empowered employees, no one is there to really listen. Check out our infographic about the three critical areas for effective customer management.



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