Customer Service Advantage


Program Format

The Customer Service Advantage program uses information on individualized behavior styles to improve team performance. With our sensitive assessment, we're able to uniquely personalize the development experience for each person.

This training goes far beyond the workshop! We provide an action plan to your staff that allows for easy implementation and real-time application for the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will KNOW personal strengths and weaknesses in each of the six skills that are key to creating desired customer experiences.
  • Your team will FEEL capable of using their strengths appropriately and remove blind spots.
  • Participants will immediately implement phased action plans to ensure the use of these six skills during internal and external customer interactions.
  • Growth mindset vs. Fixed mindset - focusing on improvement rather than changing or blaming others.
  • Self-awareness - being able to observe yourself objectively and understand how your perceptions of yourself, others, and the situation are driving your actions.

Business Outcomes

Consistently deliver superior customer experiences, for internal and external customers


Increase the feeling of expectation and desire for a certain result.

Intentionally create a positive experience for each interaction.


Learn about each individual customer's needs and understand their point of view.



Who should attend?

This training is right for any department or team looking to improve their communication skills on the phone, face-to-face or online. If your employees have already mastered the basics of customer service, this course is the "mission critical" next step.
- Jerry Bruckner -

"Go beyond merely communicating to connecting with people."

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