Leadership Foundations: Coaching & Feedback

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Course Overview

Understanding the role of a leader is the first step to being able to effectively manage your team. Managers are often chosen from high-performing individuals. These highly proficient “doers” quickly become struggling managers, without the methods or skills needed to succeed. This program will help provide a necessary foundation for these managers and help them overcome this challenge by showing them the essential skills to be able to positively influence their team. It will also equip managers to recognize differences between coaching conversations and delivering feedback, including how to use specific techniques that are productive and motivating to team members.

In this workshop, leaders will…

  • Compare and contrast the difference between being a “Manager” vs. a “Leader”
  • Learn the 8 behaviors of the highest performing managers as identified by Project Oxygen
  • Develop effective coaching and feedback skills
  • Understand the anatomy of a conversation
  • Learn how to determine when to use coaching versus giving feedback in conversations

This workshop pairs nicely with DISC Behavior Style assessment. Together, these two courses will create a higher understanding of different communication styles and how best to incorporate that into coaching and feedback conversations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand when to be a Manager and when to be a Leader
  • Know how to structure a coaching conversation
  • Develop effective feedback skills
  • Apply the behaviors of a high performing manager
  • Commit to incorporating a solid coaching model

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"Feedback is the breakfast of champions."
Ken Blanchard

Business Outcomes

Stronger Collective Performance

Increased Self-Confidence

Improved Work Performance

More Effective Communication Skills

Link Individual Effectiveness with Organizational Success

Program Format

Half-to-One-day onsite instructor-led sessions that can be split into shorter sessions to accommodate schedules.

Live Remote Training options are also available.

Presented in a multi-media, fun, interactive manner with group exercises to engage participants.

Materials and job aids to support additional learning reinforcement.     

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Who should attend?

All levels of leadership, including C-Suite, department heads, and team leaders.

Step into the role of an effective Manager

Learn essential skills to build a necessary foundation to positively influence your team. 

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