Boost Employee Retention With Bonfire Training

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In a time where people are leaving their jobs at a record pace, we encourage all businesses to keep employee retention top of mind. If you’re one of the many leaders asking, “how can I keep employees engaged and loyal in such a tight labor market?” To us, the answer is simple: professional development and training.

The fact is that workers today are looking for more than the 9-to-5 grind—they want their employers to invest in them! A recent trends report found that employees deem professional development a top way to improve company culture. If that wasn’t enough, 86% of participants claimed they would change jobs to receive better professional development opportunities.

No matter what type of business you run, prioritizing learning and development is crucial to your bottom line. Give your employees the support they need and boost retention while you’re at it! Keep reading to learn how Bonfire Training can help:

Training Right From The Start

If you aren’t talking about training and professional development during the onboarding process, this is your sign to start! It’s never been more important to show your employees that you genuinely care about their place in your company. That’s why it is necessary to incorporate training and PD into their workload right from the start.

When you support your employees with learning opportunities right out of the gate, it shows that you care about them and their long-term goals. Consider adding our Customer Service Essentials (CSE) to your onboarding arsenal. This is a great starter course for new employees and will help them learn early on how to deliver exceptional customer care. Here are just a few benefits of CSE:

  • Helps create more self-reliant and empowered employees
  • Mandates a consistency of excellent customer service
  • Breaks down silos
  • Improves team morale
  • Heightens customer satisfaction

Sustained Learning Opportunities

While employee training once every few years may have been an effective plan in the past—this is no longer the case! To ensure your employees feel a sense of belonging in your company, they need help finding their purpose. Ongoing training is a great way to support your employees’ growth and confidence, thus leading to higher performance.

Bonfire offers the sustained learning opportunities your team needs to stay engaged and equipped to tackle the latest challenges in their industry. Our OnDemand Online Training & eLearning Modules make it possible for your employees to brush up on a wealth of training topics in their own time. Some of the concepts covered in our layered online training include:

  • Making the most of every customer interaction
  • Productive greetings to build rapport and maintain focus
  • Engaging the customer while keeping conversations on track
  • Empathy and how/when to express it
  • Key components to active listening and acquiring a listening mindset

Everyone Deserves Training!

If your company has traditionally reserved training for senior executives and other high performers deemed “worthy” of investment—it’s time to make a change. Wouldn’t you rather ALL your employees have an equal opportunity for growth at your company? Take it from us: leaders who are embracing training and PD are seeing the most retention and growth.

From your newest employees to your long-time company leaders, every employee deserves high-quality training. We can make this happen with our fun, cost-effective, engaging, and accessible courses. Implementing a culture of learning at your company will go a long way in promoting a happy, supportive, and high-performance environment.

Customer Service Training With Bonfire

At Bonfire, we’ve seen firsthand how investing in employees’ career development can help with retention. A lack of consistent training in this day and age can lead to high turnover rates, loss of competitive advantage, missed growth opportunities, and more! Don’t let this happen to you! To ensure your employees have the skills and knowledge they need to deliver best-in-class care, reach out to Bonfire for consistent training support.