Customer Service Online Training & Its Benefits

Customer service rep working on online training

Whether your team is spread out in offices across the world or you’re facilitating a remote work environment, customer service online training can help any team grow. With comprehensive online courses that offer convenience, flexibility, and interactivity—leaders can take the hard work out of regular training. 

At Bonfire, we’ve developed a wide range of OnDemand training courses to deliver customizable and fun learning opportunities for your customer service team. 

With remote, hybrid, and flexible work environments becoming more of the norm, organizations are looking for better ways to administer practical training. We believe virtual training is the greatest solution for this time! 

Keep reading to learn the benefits and how our training professionals can help take your team’s customer care to the next level.

The Convenience Factor

Just like convenience is a major factor for your customers—it’s also hugely important to your employees. Let’s face it: most traditional training options are not suitable for today’s workforce. People are looking for remote, flexible training that can be accessed at any time and from anywhere in the world. 

When all your employees need is a device and a solid internet connection to soak in some high-level professional development—why wouldn’t they participate? Companies need to be thinking about ways they can make growth opportunities more convenient to ensure the highest learning transfer.

Waste Less Time & $$$

In today’s world, companies of all shapes and sizes are doing everything they can to manage their time and resources wisely—and online training can help. How often have you tried to mandate in-person training just to find that it cuts into the workday a little too much? While it’s obvious that professional development is necessary, at what cost?

Thanks to the flexibility of online customer service training, you don’t have to jump through hoops and potentially waste a bunch of downtime trying to get your team trained.

Online training makes finding a date and time that works best for your organization and the trainer much easier. Bonfire takes the hard work out of the training process (and helps leaders get your money’s worth!)

Valuable Insights

While traditionally it was the norm to gather large teams into one room to view training, there are some key insights that can be gained to viewing training on an individual level. It can be hard to access the strengths and weaknesses of team members in real-time during training. If you’re a company with large teams, how can you expect to keep track of each employee’s professional development?

With our customer service online training courses, you can get more insight into how each employee is working toward growth. Everyone’s professional development path looks different and we can accommodate that!

Interactive Elements

Have you ever heard of “Death by Powerpoint?” This verbiage was coined to highlight our generation’s poor use of presentation software. With low-quality graphics, text-heavy slides, and the average presenter trying to read out 30+ slides to a yawning audience—it’s no wonder most employees wince at the thought of work training.  

That’s why we’re doing things differently! Bonfire’s customer service OnDemand training offers a variety of interactive elements to support a large range of different learning styles. Our techniques are presented through videos, call recordings, high-quality images, interactive flash cards, and more!

Ignite Your Spark With Bonfire’s Online Training!

Our transformative online training courses will equip your team with reproducible, real-time communication skills they can use in every interaction and with every customer.

No matter where your team is located or how busy they’ve become, it’s always the right time to catch the Spark! We’ll help motivate and empower your team so they can deliver the best customer care solutions for your company. Whatever your preference, we have options for you!