5 Dysfunctions of a Team Training

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Course Overview

Teams exist. The question is do they exist as a cohesive, productive team that truly engages with one another and spurs each other on to be better? Odds are that doesn’t just happen. Often, we don’t get to create our personal dream team, we are assigned to them. And often what we call teams are really just groups. This workshop redefines the word “team.”

Based on Patrick Lencioni’s work “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”, this course reveals the five critical fundamentals of high performing teams. This workshop promotes different thinking about each of these five dysfunctions.

The Five Dysfunctions are:

  • Absence of Trust
  • Fear of Conflict
  • Lack of Commitment
  • Avoidance of Accountability
  • Inattention to Results

These fundamentals are presented first as dysfunctions, and throughout the workshop they are transformed into attributes of highly functioning teams. Using powerful exercises, your team will have an in depth understanding of the model and techniques in order to become a truly cohesive and productive team.

Learning Outcomes

  • Truly understand what it means to be a team
  • Know the expectations of a cohesive team
  • Practice communications indicative of a true team
  • Increase clarity of communication
  • Make substantial progress to become a more cohesive team
  • Lay the groundwork for continuing progress

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“It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.”
Patrick Lencioni

Business Outcomes

Reduce Time to Achieve Results

Get Better Results

Increased Employee Engagement

Improved Employee Satisfaction

Improve Innovation

Program Format

One-to-Two-day onsite instructor-led sessions that can be split into shorter sessions to accommodate schedules.

Live Remote Training options are also available.

Presented in a multi-media, fun, interactive manner with group exercises to engage participants.

Materials and job aids to support additional learning reinforcement.     

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Intact teams from C-suite and executive level, middle management and the front line.

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