Hold On to That Balloon!

“Hold On to That Balloon!” …is how a friend of Bonfire’s who runs a volunteer organization once described it this way: in his view, the dreams, ideas, suggestions and feelings provided by his volunteers were like little notes, each one tied to its own balloon. These balloons, one at a time or in a bunch, were offered to him throughout the … Read More

Are Your Training Habits Helping or Sabotaging You?

The simple answer to that question is “Yes.” Habits can both help and hinder. The trick is to determine which habits are the helpful ones and which habits are the ones that don’t help. Here are tips to jump start your journey to making sure your habits are working for you. TIP #1: Become aware of your habits. Habits are … Read More

Customer Training Is A Daily Carousel

Customer Training Is A Daily Carousel

You’ve made the decision. You’ve set the plan into motion, bridging the gap between goal and reality. You’re ready to move your leaders and your staff to the next level with cost-effective customer service training that will boost employee engagement, systematize real-time communication skills and provide your team with the competitive edge necessary to stand out in a crowded consumer … Read More

It’s Not About The Fries – Showing Compassion On A Call

Bonfire trainers travel the country and find themselves in contact centers that serve and support such products and services as shoes, beverages, insurance policies, discount consumer goods, biomedical products, cell phone minutes, apparel, checking and savings accounts, electricity and water, transportation services, software, cars, sit-down restaurants and fast food. It’s all too easy to say that every call center is … Read More

Don’t Turn Your Holiday Workers into Grinches

Training Your Seasonal Employees in Effective Communication Skills Is Still Mission Critical. It’s probably your busiest time of year. It’s always an opportunity not only to make sales but also to cement new relationships, creating new customers and loyal followers for your brand to last throughout the year. Depending on your business model, however, you may be leaving most of … Read More

Treat Them Right On The Telephone

Originally posted in March of 2003 for the Journal of Accountancy: Monthly Checklist Series Treat Them Right on the Telephone Fostering a long-lasting client relationship starts from that very first contact someone makes with your firm. Here are 10 phone-etiquette tips to make sure you and your employees give all callers the five-star treatment. Give a warm welcome. Be sure … Read More