Yarn Love: Philanthropy Highlight

Blankets ready to go to their new homes.

At Bonfire, we’re built on a culture of giving. Not only do we work hard to give our time and talents to those who seek out our customer service and leadership training—but we also love to give in our personal lives.

Recently, a few members of our team made a wonderful philanthropic effort, and we wanted to highlight how giving, no matter how small, can have a hugely positive effect.

Small Blankets, Big Impact

As a child, many of us had a “blankie” or a similar transitional object that held emotional value that was hard to put into words. If a particular blanket from childhood comes to mind, you know what we’re talking about. That’s why we love the concept of actively giving this type of comfort and security to those who need it most.

That’s why when one of our team member’s relatives who LOVES crocheting claimed to have a passion for making little blankets and a closet full of yarn—an idea was sparked! Why not try to find a way to ensure these lovely homemade blankies could provide warmth to many?

Our team members agreed that these afghans were too precious to stack up and sit unused. They put their heads together and concluded that there were definitely some “littles” out there in need of their very own blankie.

Sure enough, there have been plenty of local organizations looking to wrap littles in some of this “Yarn Love.”  Our team members have been able to spread the love and give out blankies at Indianapolis area NICU/Neonatal intensive care units and homeless shelters. The thought of all those little ones feeling the warmth and comfort of these homemade afghans brings a smile to our faces—and makes us really proud of our team for initiating such a great cause!

Message that goes with the blankets.
Blankets ready to go to their new homes.
Blanket with a hand in it, show softness.