The Working Genius

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Course Overview

Still challenged with getting the right team members in the right seats? Have talented team members and still can’t understand why there are gaps in performance or results? You are not alone!

The Working Genius is Patrick Lencioni’s newest teamwork model that helps organizations create a healthy work culture by utilizing talent and placing the right people in the right seats. Unlike other personality assessments, the six types of Working Genius (what Lencioni refers to as WIDGET) focus on the actual talents and stages required in the process of getting work completed, thus showcasing a powerful opportunity for leaders and teams to identify and capitalize on the strengths of their individual team members.

In this program team members will complete a 10-minute assessment that will include a custom report when completed. Once the Working Genius types of your team members are uncovered, your organization can more easily align goals, organize projects, and implement stages of work (Ideation, Activation and Implementation) with team members whose Working Genius strengths are in those identified areas. In addition, this level of knowledge helps team members understand how they can leverage one another’s strengths and contribute to work most effectively to achieve their full potential.

Learning Design

In this training program, team members will learn that everyone has:

  • Two areas of Working Genius – Two of the six types that come naturally to you, meaning that you are good at them and they give you energy and joy.
  • Two areas of Working Competencies – You can do these fairly well, maybe even very well, but you don’t derive great joy or energy from them.
  • Two areas of Working Frustrations – These areas are neither natural nor energizing for you, and most likely, you aren’t particularly good at doing them.

Who should attend?

Leaders at any level looking to better utilize their team's talent and put people in positions best suited for them.

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