Become a trusted and reliable partner in your community by providing top-notch customer service.

The Challenge

As a Utility Company, you provide water and energy, but you’re also providing customer service. If you want to be seen as a trusted and reliable partner in your community, your front line representatives need to be the best at what they do.

Do your employees have the practical skills necessary to succeed in their customer-facing roles?



The Solution

Bonfire Training’s customer service training courses can make a measurable impact on your customer service and internal culture while improving customer loyalty.

  • Learn real-time, effective communication strategies
  • Remain current on how best to communicate with internal and external customers
  • Develop conflict resolution skills
  • Gain the tools needed to manage and prevent call escalations
  • Improve your company’s consistency and overall customer service

Bonfire Training has a proven track record of helping Utility Companies succeed and be nationally recognized for the quality customer service they provide.

  • "Customer satisfaction surveys over the years have indicated that customers are pleased with the interactions they have with our CSRs. We credit much of that success to our long-term investment in Bonfire training.”

    Mike McClean
    Quality Service Manager, Clark Public Utilities, Winners of Eleven Consecutive JD Power Awards for Customer Satisfaction
  • "Since I was last involved with Bonfire Training, the materials have been updated and they're even better than before. I like the delivery method. The place and duration was exactly waht we needed. I loved how Sam incorporated social distancing into his delivery and it was flawless. Given our history with Bonfire and the results they deliver, we simply couldn't consider anyone else!”

    Citizen's Energy Group


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