Team Training: The Secret Ingredient to a Successful Product Launch

Team Training

A little boy with autism was having a rough day at Universal Orlando. His family vacation was almost over and he had yet to get on the ride featuring his all-time favorite superhero. He’d patiently waited in the noisy and crowded line, but, just as he reached the ride’s loading area, the ride broke down. As he realized he wouldn’t get to experience the one attraction he’d been excited for all day, he began to have a meltdown. His parents did their best to help him as people filtered past to the exit, but it seemed he was inconsolable. 

Then, just like in a comic book, one of the ride’s employees jumped into action. She laid down next to the boy, coaching him through a breathing exercise and soothing him until he felt calm again. She expertly came to the child’s aid and created a viral customer service moment for Universal.

Afterward, Universal proudly shared some details of its customer service training for park employees. Even though one might only see a person in uniform seating guests in vehicles or managing a console of buttons, the company had built their knowledge base with best practices for a variety of situations, including helping guests with special needs. This example is just one of many to demonstrate the value that properly trained employees bring to your products and your organization as a whole.

Product Launches Are Tricky

Other companies should take heed, especially those preparing for the complex process of launching a new product or service. According to a Nielsen study, 63% of consumers worldwide say they like when companies offer new products, yet a study by the Marketing Research Association indicates only about 40% of developed products actually make it to market (with only 60% of those providing any revenue).

No matter how solid your new offering is, studies show its chances for success are slim. So as you prepare to introduce a new venture to the world, isn’t it important to increase your odds by having a customer support team consisting of superheroes?

New Products = New Information

Half of the battle of a successful product or service launch is training on the new offering and on communication skills.  While it’s important to make sure your marketing campaign informs consumers of the who, what, when, and where of your novel offering, don’t underestimate the necessity and opportunity of customers getting one-on-one assistance. 

Salesforce notes that your audiences will likely flood your call center, inbox, and/or social media with questions, comments, and concerns, and it’s up to you and your team to meet and support them wherever they are. This is without even considering the different types of customers you might have to simultaneously support. And this is where customer service and communications skills training comes in.

For example, a homeowner calling about their personalized cable package will have very different needs and require a different playbook than a hotel chain looking to begin a nationwide contract. During a product launch, you’ll have to meet the needs of new customers while also maintaining long-running client relationships.

Creating and selling a quality product or service is just part of your success—the customer experience is truly maintained thanks to staff with a thorough knowledge of customer service and communication skills. If your employees haven’t been properly trained, customers will notice (and they might not stick around).

The training that Universal employee had to treat a young boy with grace is most likely different than the training your organization needs, but its an example of how proper training prepares employees ahead of the situation. Your organization needs to train team members in a way that will resonate with your customers.

Empower Your Team

While it’s easy to focus on how customers benefit from training your team receives before launching a new offering, don’t forget about the bonuses to the team itself. It might seem like a daunting task, but educating your employees on different possible client interactions is extremely important.

Everyone knows that the more you study for a test, the better you’ll do and the better you’ll feel doing it. The same applies to your product launch: if your team is properly trained, they’ll have an easier time communicating with different audiences.

According to Close, the confidence from pre-launch training has the added benefit of lessening the emotional toll and stress of the launch itself while also minimizing post-launch burnout. Your team exists to help you navigate the challenges of introducing a new product, but they can only help you if you empower them to do so. Take care of your employees by making sure they’re prepared for the complicated situations you’ll ask them to take on. In short: help them to help you (and your customers).

We have over 30 years of experience in training teams like yours for success, and we can’t wait to educate your employees so that by launch time, they are confident, expert product ambassadors (just like superheroes). 

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