SLII® Concepts

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Course Overview

The blistering pace of change demands a different kind of leadership model.

SLII® Concepts teaches what it means to lead situationally. That means giving people the right support or direction at the right time. Having authentic conversations that empower. Caring about their growth. Being their champion. Seeing their promise.

SLII® Concepts introduces the art of diagnosing an individual’s or team’s development level and then using the appropriate leadership style in response. Fast-paced content-rich SLII® Concepts is an immersive solution that can be used to introduce or reinforce SLII.

Learning Design

  • Explanation of the three key skills of SLII (Goal Setting, Diagnosing, and Matching)
  • Reinforcement of learning with a video case study and videos on SMART goals and other essential skills

Snapshot of SLII

The world's most widely taught leadership program

More than 5 million managers trained

Used by 10,000+ enterprises

Program Format

SLII® Concepts can be delivered live face-to-face or virtually, with or without the SLII Leader Behavior Analysis II® (LBAII®). The face-to-face learning solution is three hours with the options to be modified to a two-hour condensed or a four-hour expanded design based on your need. The virtual design consists of two 90-minute sessions without the LBAII.

Who should attend?

Organizations wanting to make SLII their common language of leadership and speed the adoption of its use.

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