The SLII Experience™


Program Format

The SLII Experience™ will give your company a shared process, language and model for building leadership. It is a program customized to your employees’ individual goals and your corporate goals. This program teaches leaders to do more than just respond to predictable situations through memorized skill application. It teaches leaders to analyze, diagnose, think and apply leadership concepts effectively in any situation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Match leadership styles—communications and behavior—to the development level of each individual employee.
  • Gain a common leadership language that permeates your culture.
  • Shift intentions into behaviors, and behaviors into accountability.
  • Develop highly skilled, flexible leaders who can develop and retain people.

Development Outcomes


Open up communication and involve others in setting goals and reaching agreements.

Learn how to manage development regression by staying in close touch with performance and development.


Diagnose an individual’s development level in order to determine how much direction or support is needed to develop that individual.

Learn how to develop others’ motivation, competence, and confidence by using the right leadership style in a given situation.


Who should attend?

This program is ideal for leaders of all levels who have the desire to more effectively influence others, make better decisions, enhance creativity, and bring together the multiple skills, strengths and experiences of their team members to solve complex organizational problems.
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