Presentation Skills

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Course Overview

Many studies have found that public speaking is the number one fear amongst most people, outranking flying, snakes, spiders and even death. Ironically, it is also an important skill to master for personal and professional development. Our Presentation Skills program will give participants the skills they need to make speaking in front of a group less terrifying - and even enjoyable!

During this training program, participants will engage in discussions, activities and practices around these program topics:

  • Understand different types of presentations (i.e. informative, persuasive, problem-solving, etc).
  • Learn best practices for preparing and delivering successful presentations, from design to delivery.
  • Feel capable and confident when presenting to different audiences.
  • Know time management tips and techniques to deliver a relevant, applicable and engaging presentation.
  • Create and manage presentations by utilizing current technology.
  • Understand how to tailor presentations to specific audiences utilizing Adult Learning Principles.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increase the clarity of the presentation to quicken audience engagement
  • Deliver relevant presentations that generate true interest
  • Learn to prepare and deliver effective presentations every time
  • Increase confidence, presence and enjoyment of public speaking

Business Outcomes

Increased Clarity of Communication

Deliver Presentations that Make an Impact

Effectively Provide Information that Generates Trust

Engaged Employees through Purposeful and Productive Presentations

Program Format

One-to-Two-day onsite instructor-led sessions that can be split into shorter sessions to accommodate schedules.

Live Remote Training options are also available.

Presented in a multi-media, fun, interactive manner with group exercises to engage participants.

Materials and job aids to support additional learning reinforcement.     

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Who should attend?

This workshop can be customized to train your salespeople, in-house trainers, leaders and anyone that is tasked with giving a presentation.

Be Your Best, On Purpose, Every Time.

Acquire presentation techniques that create a lasting impression on your employees.

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