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Situational Leadership

Diagnose the needs of individuals or a team and then use the appropriate leadership style to respond to the needs of the person, team, and situation.

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First-time Manager

Research shows that over 60% of first-time managers fail within the first two years if not given the proper support. Help your first-time managers achieve success faster.

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Self Leadership

When you arm your individual contributors with a self leadership mindset and skillset, you build an empowered workforce that is productive, innovative, and passionate about their work.

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Building Trust

This course will empower your team members to make every interaction a productive and successful one.

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In this course, you'll learn the elements of trust building.

Demonstrative Competence 

Develop a custom formula for how to handle difficult calls, prevent escalation, reduce stress, and be an ambassador for your company.

Caring About Others

Create a positive first impression, learn how to ask tactful questions to solicit the right information, and close calls with courtesy and professionalism.

Positive Communication

Use active listening skills to engage with the customer, convey empathy, and select positive words to soften negative information and increase cooperation.

Ownership Mentality

Attitude and mindset directly impacts the service provided. Learn how to shift focus from blaming others to solving the problem.

Building Trust Program Overview

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