Giving and Receiving Feedback

Program Format

Whether you work the front line or are a manager, your team members will make mistakes at some point – we all do. And these mistakes will need to be addressed – this is an essential element for everyone in an organization’s workforce. When you recognize the problem or issue, giving feedback in the clearest and quickest way is key in encouraging a change in behavior, and feedback should be given in a positive way – it is important not to focus heavily on the negative. Feedback delivered well will inspire higher performance.

Giving Constructive Feedback equips managers with confidence and critical behaviors to immediately and effectively deliver and share information that helps develop and affirm team members.

Leaders who give constructive feedback in a clear, positive and collaborative fashion have more effective team members and grow and retain their key people.

In this training, participants will learn how to give positive and constructive feedback, will practice giving feedback, and will receive feedback themselves from their peers. They will be able to define feedback and identify why it is so difficult to give.


Learning Outcomes

  • Define feedback and identify guidelines for giving feedback.

  • Demonstrate the ability to use observation rather than judgment.

  • Apply the necessary steps to giving constructive and positive feedback.

Business Outcomes


Learn to assess intention before the conversation.

Practice facilitating the conversation.


Create an overall environment to help receptivity to feedback.

Understand and properly handle common pushbacks.


Who should attend?

This program is intended for managers/supervisors who desire to help their team members improve their performance.

Be Your Best, On Purpose, Every Time.

Unveil Your Blind Spots and Create a Growth Mindset with Feedback.

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