Generations in the Workplace


Program Format

This one-day program will help participants understand that diverse points-of-view and innate talents found within different generations can enable massive leaps in your organization’s innovation, increase your ability to relate to a range of customers, and leverage critical foundations and pioneering strategies.

Learn to avoid misunderstandings in the workplace due to differing points of view from different age groups, increase exposure of the “journey” that each generation has endured, and learn to understand the values, motivators and needs of other generations.

Learning Outcomes

  • What makes people unique? One factor is the generation in which they belong.

  • Descriptions of the different generations.
    • Four generations are in the workplace with a fifth entering soon.
    • What is their make-up? Birth years, values, viewpoints, life experiences including influence of adolescence and world events that impact beliefs.

  • Communication.
    • Styles, trends and preferences throughout the generations.

  • Workplace expectations.
    • What are the different views on annual reviews, workspace, benefits, collaboration and more?

  • Essential workplace considerations for each generation to thrive in a cohesive, productive and respectful work environment.

Business Outcomes



BETTER communication among team members from different generations.




Who should attend?

This training program is right for any team members who want to improve cross-generational collaboration in the workplace.

Be Your Best, On Purpose, Every Time.

Learn how to successfully manage multiple generations in the workplace.

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